Motor drivers modules

Electric motors, to connect them with the control system – for example, the programmable control unit PLC or industrial PC jednopłytkowym such as the Raspberry Pi require a motor driver. The modules are available in our store a wide variety of settings, in versions with two or even szesnastoma control channels. Some two-channel motor driver DC, can also be used, e.g. for control of stepper motors, although this requires the implementation of control algorithm in the module monitor the operation of the driver.


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Products by page

Integrated modules for motor control

Motor drivers modules are very popular in electronics, in particular to the design of prototype devices and for fans. Thanks to an integrated design module contains all the necessary circuits and discrete elements on a small printed circuit Board. Due to this the controller for this connection, only need a power source, the engine and, of course, control signals, for example, a computer or a microcontroller. Integrated motor drivers can be implemented in various designs such as compact robots or machines with small numbers.

A wide range of modules for motor control

The motors are typical a number of options under which you need to find motor drivers modules. In addition to intuitively understand the number of channels also have other settings, of which the most important is the voltage and operating current. Voltage range of work suggests that can be the rated voltage of the motors controlled by this module. Operating current specyfikuje the maximum allowable current supported by this driver, so it is important that the current consumption of this engine was no more than this value. Excess of maximum permissible parameters of the driver can fail the entire system.

Multi-channel drivers for use with minikomputerami

The assortment of our shop you can find motor drivers – multi-channel modules equipped with a dedicated interface for connection to PC jednopłytkowych such as a popular series of Raspberry Pi or Micro:bit for tile prototypes in the form shielda in the format of Arduino. Due to the fact that these modules can be connected to a wide range of minicomputers to focus on the fact that the format of the Arduino, as well as 40-pin connector of the Raspberry Pi, it's widely accepted in this sector, standards of signal receiving modules for developers.