Sound and acoustics

In everyday life we are surrounded by sound in various forms. Therefore, there are more and more electronic devices in our environment that generate sounds, receive them or perform both functions simultaneously. Broadly understood acoustics consists of many important elements and devices, such as transducers: microphones, speakers or simple buzzers. These components can also be used as accessories to larger devices or their most important elements. We are aware of how important acoustics is in everyone's life and that it is an interesting topic for building projects and experimenting with electronics. That is why in our Botland shop we have prepared a wide range of parts, modules and kits, which can serve you to build your dream device or learn how to design. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our technical department, who can give you advice or help you choose the right components. We will be more than happy to help you.


  • Bluetooth Speakers Bluetooth Speakers

    Portable bluetooth speakers is a great sound source that you can take with you almost anywhere. These compact, portable devices that combine acoustic system, power amplifier and audio receiver that uses the bluetooth interface. The sound source transmitted for this speaker is,...

  • Speaker system analog Speaker system analog

    Each device, in which there is a need playback, warning, or informational, voice messages or melodies, requires the selection of the corresponding sound sensor. In many applications sufficiently small buzzery, however, if you require a wider range of acoustic or good quality...

  • Computer speakers Computer speakers

    Computer speakers are an integral part of equipment not only any player but also lovers of music and movies. Despite its small size allowing it to fit even on a small desktop, have good sound quality. In our store there are models fully compatible not only with personal...

  • Headphones Headphones

    Without music, the world would be worse , and there is no doubt that music is an important part of many people's lives. If your day also cannot be good without listening to your favorite playlist, a sign that you also need good music equipment. Take a look at the available...

  • Buzzery generators sound Buzzery generators sound

    Acoustic signaling is the basic form of device communication with users and in terms of popularity it is second only to visual signaling. Acoustic communication devices include many different groups of components. One of the most interesting devices are sound buzzers. Their...

  • Microphones and sound detectors Microphones and sound detectors

    In many devices it is necessary to be able to receive, process or react to sounds coming from the environment. Our microphones and sound detectors not only allow you to record high-quality sound, but also allow you to easily add listening functionality to your new robot. The...

  • MP3 / WAV / OOG / MIDI MP3 / WAV / OOG / MIDI

    In the era of universal digital electronics are increasingly we meet with devices which not only listening to our teams, but also create quality sound. More recently, the design of the device offers such features was extremely difficult and expensive. Today we have at hand a...

  • Siren Siren

    The access control and security system of a building or property should be equipped with several sensors with different functions, which allow not only to locate and register a possible threat, but also to inform other people about it. For this purpose, alarm sirens, i.e....

  •  Sound modules Arylic Sound modules Arylic

    Sound modules series convert Arylic speaker system wired wi-fi sound system. High-quality modules that meet the requirements of the most demanding users.

Products by page

Products by page

Acoustics for beginners - best products to start with

Starting to learn acoustics from scratch requires the supply of all necessary modules, parts and devices. Therefore, in our Botland shop we do our best to gather all the most popular products from trusted suppliers at great prices. In our offer you can find various types of microphones: from simple and very cheap electret microphones to modern MEMS microphones. You can also find modules with microphones. Depending on your needs you can also find a wide range of speakers. We have special simple and cheap devices if you just want to play simple sound signals. If you're looking for a device that can play high quality, high-powered music, you'll also find many hits here. The power of our speakers ranges from 0.1-200W. You can also find buzzers, both active with a built-in generator and passive. If you are trying to build an alarm system, you can choose powerful alarm sirens. We are sure that everyone can find what they are looking for.

Sound modules

An important function of acoustic devices is also sound playback and recording. We are doing our best to help you discover with us how easy it can be to incorporate these modules into your projects. In our offer you can find music players for such formats as MP3, WAV, OGG and MIDI. They are small, but very functional. In addition, you can also choose modules for sound recording and compact audio amplifiers. All modules are comparable to connect with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and many other minicomputers and evaluation modules. If you only want simple sound detection, you can find modules with microphones that catch loud sounds from the robot's environment. This is a simple operation without the need for cumbersome microphone signal analysis. Most modules in our offer are in the form of shields for Arduino and Raspberry Pi Hat overlays. This makes it easy to connect the tiles and program them. In our Botland shop you can also find simple modules with single buzzers and microphones with preamplifiers. Check our product list and see that we have what you need!

Ready-to-use devices and computer accessories

Our offer also includes a wide range of audio products for computers. First of all, various speakers are worth attention. You can find 2- and 3-channel speakers, which contain extremely functional computer speakers with a USB port. However, the speakers can also be used for other purposes. You can connect them with the Raspberry Pi as an audio set for a miniature media center. You can also find an extremely wide range of headphones in our offer. We've developed a small range of wired and wireless Bluetooth headphones. In addition, we also have large headphones with high sound quality and a built-in microphone - something ideal for avid gamers. In a separate section you can also find comfortable portable Bluetooth speakers, which are great for travelling and parties. In the Botland store we make every effort to select devices that meet individual needs and expectations.