Tool kits

About the possibilities of workshop, mechanical workshop, mail or website or installation demonstrates not only the expertise of staff – are also important existing funds on hand. Even the best expert is not able to work, not having the appropriate range of equipment. Although it is possible to collect all the tools turns, a much simpler, more economical and aesthetic solution is to buy a suitable set. In this category you will find different sets of tools for the electronics novice and professional mechanic.



Products by page

Products by page

Kits beginner electronics

In our range we offer a variety of tool sets, skompletowanych for beginners elektronikach and consumer robotics. Especially interesting is the option of buying niezbędnika workshops, prepared by the creators of portal Forbot. Page description niezbędnika allows You not only to buy ready-made set of tools and materials for soldering training, but also offers a Configurator. In simple way you can expand the kit independently selected station, soldering. For convenience, we have prepared a list of some of the models that are best suited to start your adventure with electronics. The Configurator also allows you to add the kit to teach soldering, TNT, and gadget – mouse pad sygnowanej logo Forbot. You will find here also a workbench set of tools electric Manual, as well as a few other kits that will fit at the beginning of the electronic road.

Specialized toolsets

In this category there was also a place for different, well-designed sets, the purpose of which requires the selection of special tools and devices. A good example is a set of tools to create a LOCAL network. In addition to the basic facilities manual, such as krosowniczy knife, wire stripper, or press the RJ – included you will also find tester wire RJ45, RJ12 and RJ11 is an elegant case for easy carrying to the installation site. Another very useful set of tools set for opening the housings of mobile phones and tablets. You will find four specialized precision screwdrivers and two plastic openers for housing and diced to lift the cover.

Find for mechanics and not only

If you often majsterkujesz or perform repairs and modifications on the car, you will appreciate the key sets and universal sets of instruments, containing a wealth of equipment in a rigid suitcase transport. Among the various available in our store you will find sets, among other things, a 94 PCs socket wrench set Vorel 58683 with two grzechotkami, a significant set of bits of hex, TORX and Phillips bits and flat. Other worthy teams a set of tools set Sthor 58695 containing up to 109 high quality parts, including even a miniature screwdriver battery 3.6 V selectable charger.