Tool kits

You can complete your own set of tools or benefit from our tested recommendations. Ready-made sets are a proposition for those who want to have all necessary tools in their workshop and home. This is a very good solution for DIY enthusiasts, goldsmiths, robots, mechanics, electronics and electricians. Sets vary in content. You will find various tools that are adapted to the specific job. There is a set for beginners as well as for already experienced professionals who do much more advanced work. A big advantage of the sets is the practical packaging. Very often it is a suitcase with a handle, making it easier not only to store the tools, but also to transport them. Inside there are compartments, ideally suited to the shape and size of a particular tool. This allows you to keep your tools in good order and reduces the risk of losing an important key or screwdriver. The tool sets are available in universal as well as specialized versions, e.g. for soldering, repairing mobile phones or creating LAN networks.



Products by page

Products by page

What kind of toolkit to get started?

You're just getting started with DIY? Are you ahead of the first soldering, home finishing work or service orders for equipment and machines? Or maybe you are planning to build your first robot and are looking for tools to make this task easier? In our shop there are tool sets dedicated for beginner mechanics and electronics. These are workshop tools, which contain basic wrenches, caps, screwdrivers, screwdrivers, but also a hammer, pliers, adapters and sockets. If you're looking for a good soldering kit, then it's worth taking advantage of the Forbot creators' suggestions. The toolkit description page is very helpful, where you can also find tips to learn how to solder. You can complete the soldering kit with a soldering station that will best meet your expectations and requirements.

Before purchasing, consider the purpose of the toolkit. It can be a universal tool for housework and repairs or a typical repair kit for a car or other vehicles. Check what is included in the kit and that it contains all the tools you will need. With experience and new skills, you can complement it with other accessories. This way, your individual equipment is created, which allows you to carry out all your projects and make all repairs.

Toolkit for the professional

These kits are equipped with specialized tools for specific purposes. They were created taking into account the specifics of work in a given environment. Among such proposals is a set designed to create a LAN, which includes basic manual tools, as well as a RJ45, RJ12 and RJ11 cable tester. This gives you everything you need to create a LAN for your own needs or those of your customers.

Do you try to repair all your mobile devices, like your smartphone or tablet yourself? There are defects that we can't fix without specialized tools. So for a good working environment, choose a set of service tools for your phones. There you'll find four precision screwdrivers, a cube to undermine the case and two plastic openers. For your home workshop, we recommend the tool kit in a convenient suitcase that contains 94 items, including socket wrenches and flat and cross bits. There are also smaller and larger tool sets, which are useful both in the garage and in the boot during longer trips.

Tool sets are ready-made solutions for all beginning DIY enthusiasts, robot constructors, owners of small and large car repair shops, as well as specialists in overhauls, repairs and maintenance of electronic equipment. They are both universal as well as specialized sets for beginners and experienced mechanics, robotics and electronics.