Wires to the contact plates

Wires to the contact plates

Create your own system, for example on ceramic tiles, contact often unconsciously we miss about the relationship between the elements is a very important part of the system, without which our model would not work. The choice we have there are many possibilities, depending on the circumstances, should choose a short or long cables, plugs, male or female or hooks. Check out our wide range of wires to the contact plates, plug your kit using our cables, and enjoy hand-built models!


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Fun with electronics

Every beginner electronics sooner or later przesiada on the universal plate contact, which is indispensable if we are talking about the construction of electronic systems and projects. Without soldering and with the ability to change the entire system in minutes represent a very convenient solution, making them first choice when shopping. In our store Botland available not only whole tiles contact and all kinds of accessories for them, as well as the wires to the contact plates.

Connect the elements of your design

When planning your project e, you might consider a way of connection elements, such as resistors, diodes, capacitors or transistors. Long cables comfortable, but a lot of them could be a good ball. Short wires to contact plates allow you to order more conducted of cables, while requiring certain skills. A good practice is the use of colored cables, colored niekrzyżowanie them without the need for the transfer of the finished project on a printed circuit Board, due to the confidence of electrical connections.

A wide variety of items

In our offer in the section of the wire contact plates we have different kinds of cables with connectors is a man,"-male, male-female, żeńsko-female and hooks of different length beds, as in the sets even after 350 EA. With us no one, even the most complicated electronic project will not for You were the problems. Our technical Department is always happy to help and advise when you buy - in addition, we also prepared a lot available for free! See our other units.