Tile concept

Tile concept - Majsterkując, building or just repairing, you often need to connect two elements only temporarily. In such a situation is best suited tile prototypes. We invite you to explore our range, which we placed in the category tile concept, and this, in particular, accessories for contact plates, the plates contact plate universal adapter SMD-DIP. Check what we have prepared and skompletuj your probably the first diy kit.


  • Accessories contact plates Accessories contact plates

    Accessories contact plates Category, without which it would be difficult to effectively contain mess and the system on the contact plates. Here You will find accessories for systems, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, such as buttons Tact Switch, LEDs, resistors, potentiometers and...

  • Tiles contact Tiles contact

    Tiles contact Learn electronics? And can you create projects, and you want to check them out before signing up to connect the parts? Anyway, plate pin, which you will find in our store is the perfect solution. Contact tiles allow for fabulously just a combination of many...

  • Tile universal Tile universal

    Tile is versatile - any design starts with a prototype. The PCB design of the new device is a difficult and often difficult process, and its implementation is most often associated with great costs. However, there is an alternative: if you want to quickly and easily check...

  • Adapter SMD - DIP Adapter SMD - DIP

    Adapters for connecting solder joints of chips in cases of superficial (SMD) to output through hole DIP switches, for example contact plates.

Products by page

Products by page

To facilitate to itself work.

Tile prototypes is a very simple design, a piece of plastic with metal rails in the middle, and yet is also able to facilitate life and work. This tool allows you to quickly and easily create prototypes of printed circuit boards without soldering or etching. Not the way to consider information about saving time and labor installed in construction projects. In the market available various types of tile prototypes, for example, improvised, fabrykowane, solder or stripboardy.

The cure for all ills?

So many positives, it would mean the product would be out for trouble in any situation? Of course not. Life repeatedly shows that there is no perfect things. Layouts high frequencies, where capacitance, resistance and parasitic induktancja define a relatively large width and length of the paths connecting elements do not allow the use of tiles is universal. The second criterion is often a matter of taste, repeatedly electronics part prefer the design on the PCB, even if you have to repeat the etching in the case of errors.

Not only tile prototypes.

Tile prototypes have many advantages and very easy job when making layouts, but in our store in this category You will find, in addition to the tiles as well as accessories, tile universal adapter SMD-DIP. Our wide product range will satisfy all Your needs, and if you have any questions or concerns, our technical Department is at your disposal – write to us! We strive to deliver to You this product was of the highest quality and the most attractive prices.