Tile concept

When you are experimenting with your project, repairing or building a completely new device, it is often necessary to connect two elements temporarily. Every designer was once in this situation and was looking for a solution that could give him or her space to think creatively and introduce innovative solutions that can be quickly changed and personalized. In such cases, prototype boards come in handy. In our offer you can find a category of prototype boards, where we have placed many types of boards, board accessories and SMD-DIP adapters. All components have been selected based on their quality, affordability and delivered by trusted manufacturers who have gained the trust of customers around the world. Each product has been given a specification so that you can choose the component that fits your needs and work conditions. Check out our Botland store offer and rediscover the joy of creative design!


  • Accessories contact plates Accessories contact plates

    Accessories contact plates Category, without which it would be difficult to effectively contain mess and the system on the contact plates. Here You will find accessories for systems, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, such as buttons Tact Switch, LEDs, resistors, potentiometers and...

  • Tiles contact Tiles contact

    Do you study electronics? Or maybe you create projects and want to test them before finally putting the components together? Or maybe you are simply fascinated as an amateur with the huge possibilities of automation and programmed electronics and would like to introduce them...

  • Tile universal Tile universal

    Designing a new device often requires very advanced work. Experienced designers perfectly understand the phenomenon of prototypes, i.e. a prototype of a device for the right one. This is what we start every project with. We can decide to design a new device, but you have to be...

  • Adapter SMD - DIP Adapter SMD - DIP

    Adapters for connecting solder joints of chips in cases of superficial (SMD) to output through hole DIP switches, for example contact plates.

Products by page

Products by page

Making work and experimenting easier than ever before

Sometimes, to design the most advanced projects, you don't have to look for complex and multi-stage solutions. A prototype board is simply a piece of plastic with metal rails in the middle, and yet it can do so much! Despite its extremely simple design, prototype boards are a great convenience for your work and ultimately even your daily activities. Using the prototype board you can quickly and effectively build prototypes of printed circuit boards. You can forget about exhausting additional soldering or etching! Prototyped circuit boards are a solution that allows you to save a huge amount of time and hard work put into experimenting in projects. In our Botland shop you can find most of the board types offered on the market, e.g.: improvised, fabricated, soldered and so called stripboards. Check out our offer, where all parts are properly described in order for you to find everything your project needs for further development.

The ultimate solution to all problems?

Of course not. It is worth bearing in mind that no solution can have only the positive sides to it. Thus, the prototype board isn’t a universal remedy for emerging design problems in every situation. To give an example, prototype boards can’t work in high frequency systems, where capacity, resistance and parasitic inductance determine relatively large widths and lengths of paths connecting elements. The second reason is simpler, but nevertheless important - many designers prefer to build with printed circuit boards straight away. They choose this solution even with a vision of multiple error correction. Both issues should be kept in mind when choosing a prototype board solution. However, in the overall summary, the advantages of this solution definitely outweigh the possible disadvantages. Before making a decision it is worthwhile to read the relevant materials and advice. Therefore we kindly invite you to contact our technical department with any questions or doubts. We will be more than happy to help you.

Accessories, universal boards and adapters

As already discussed in detail, prototype boards are an extremely simple but effective solution that can greatly facilitate the whole process of building your dream project. However, when buying the boards, it is worth considering additional accessories, universal boards and SMD-DIP adapters, which can further enrich your project and facilitate its implementation. Here in our Botland store, we put every effort to prepare a wide range of accessories and boards, each of them equipped with the appropriate specification to ensure that you can find exactly what you are looking for. Our technical department is constantly working to advise customers on the best solutions, so if in doubt, contact us at any moment. We will make sure to advise you with a best prototype model and accessories that best fit your expectations and needs. What’s more, we are continuously looking to expand our assortment with the highest quality products at the best prices. Check out our offer and make your design work much easier!