To explore designing layouts for printed circuit boards, programming of applications designed to work with minicomputers or soldering small parts, is extremely complex and difficult. You should use tile prototypes, which support, for both beginners and advanced Amateurs of computerization, automation or robotics.


  • Accessories for breadboards Accessories for breadboards

    Accessories that facilitate the use of the contact plates.

  • Breadboards Breadboards

    You already have enough situations in which connect the two parts, lutujesz wire and, finally, it turns out that not everything is working correctly? The reasons can be many, however, it should be fitted in the contact plate , through which to test the project before final...

  • Universal soldering boards Universal soldering boards

    Plate that allows easy soldering of electronic circuits.

  • Adapter SMD - DIP Adapter SMD - DIP

    Adapters for connecting solder joints of chips in cases of superficial (SMD) to output through hole DIP switches, for example contact plates.

Products by page

Products by page

To move in a quick way with your project and enjoy the current design – tile prototypes useful during operation

Checked the connections on the circuit Board contact and is that all right? It's time to transfer the layout for the tiles are versatile, designed for quick and easy connection of elements with the help of soldering iron. I'm afraid that this will be a difficult operation, since the contact plate has a different layout than the versatile tiles? Peace! In our offer you will find compatible products equipped in the same layout and number of ports.

We have a wide range of products, made from the finest materials, popular and well-respected equipment manufacturers. Due to this we are able to guarantee our clients satisfaction, regardless of the degree of development of their projects.

Use tile prototypes and compatible accessories

We like extra sets that are required during the system design on printed circuit boards contact or universal, external modules, improve quality and usability. We offer, in particular, the DC connector for the prototype of the contact plates, modules, USB and different connectors ARK4 for connecting cables with bolted connections, and even the adapters and modules. In sets with accessories, which have the task to facilitate the work and to arm designers in the necessary elements that enhance the quality of their projects - in particular, such items as: wires, buttons, transistors, resistors, diodes and many more.

In case of any questions and doubts, we invite you to contact our team who will gladly answer all messages. We guarantee you the implementation and maintenance of orders at the highest level, providing customers with products of the highest class. We understand the needs of designers and their high demands, because we ourselves are lovers of designs based on the latest technologies, we create for yourself!