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Mini-drilling machines, drills and grinders are the basic tools for material processing. We use them both in professional workshops, as well as in home garages, small studios and during home repair works. Drilling and grinding tools differ in their parameters and thus in their purpose. There are drills for advanced production works, as well as mini-drilling machines, which are dedicated to the most precise works, e.g. for very small elements. Both the drill and the grinder need suitable additives such as drills, cutters and discs. The quality of work, precision of operation and the final result also belong to them. Our offer includes both professional drills and their smaller counterparts, as well as grinders and multifunctional drill/driver with a wider range of use. In addition, we offer a wide range of drills, discs and cutters, so you can complete a ready-made set for work in your garage, workshop or studio.


  • Grinding machines Grinding machines

    Grinding machine is one of the key instruments used in all fields of technology. Depending on the capacity and type and size used with the grinder attachments, you can perform a very wide range of work available with other types of instruments. In this category you will find a...

  • A drill and screwdriver A drill and screwdriver

    The drill is the most widely used, the main elektronarzędziem, without which it is difficult to imagine not only a professional workshop, production workshop or carpentry workshop, but even ordinary household. In every home from time to time there is a need to hang shelves,...

  • Drill Drill

    Choosing a drill bit cannot be left to chance, especially since the different types of drill bits are very different not only in shape and size but also in purpose. We divide the drill bits mainly according to the materials in which we can drill them. These include metal, wood...

  • Drives for grinding machines Drives for grinding machines

    Angle grinder is a particularly valuable acquisition for any home worker and professional. Range possible with it works is very wide and goes far beyond what one would conclude from the power tools. Angular grinding machine can be used for, except for grinding for cutting (in...

  • Jigsaws Jigsaws



Products by page

Products by page

Processing with a mini-drilling machine

The drill is a hand tool for making holes of different sizes. We also use it to level the edges. The equivalent of a typical drill is a mini-drill, i.e. a tool of smaller sizes. It was created in response to the needs of DIY enthusiasts and electronics, working with small elements, details, to be processed. Mini-drilling machines are available in different variants, with different parameters. Furthermore, they are available in sets together with accessories and accessories, which are useful during basic and advanced work. You can use the mini-drill for making holes of different sizes, grinding and smoothing surfaces, polishing and cutting. In addition, they are ideal for cleaning more difficult dirt and removing resistant rust, which adversely affects the aesthetics of the surface, but also the efficiency of equipment, robots and devices with a metal finish. When choosing a mini-drill, we pay attention to the speed, motor power and accessories included in the kit. The way in which they are packed is also important. The most practical is a suitcase with a handle with space for the mini-drill and accessories.

Sanding machine for smoothing surfaces and cutting

Smaller tools such as mini drills and mini grinders are very good for working on soft materials, including wood and non-ferrous metal. When you need to process aluminium or steel, choose an angle grinder that has more motor power and larger bits. The sander is versatile in use. As the name suggests, it is used for smoothing surfaces, but it is not the only use. It is very often used as a saw. It will shorten metal profiles to the desired length and shape the metal sheet. For this reason, grinders have interchangeable discs for different purposes. There are those that we use for polishing and those that work well for cutting. The type of blade also determines the material for which it can be used, such as wood and steel.

When choosing power tools, we always choose the most important thing is their purpose. If we mainly drill in hard materials, such as steel or concrete, we will need a hammer drill. Apart from drilling, you want your tool to be used for screwdriving too? Then choose a multifunction drill instead of a normal drill. Also pay attention to the power supply. Cordless drills make it easier for you to work in places where there is no power supply. Choose a set of drill bits for the drill and a specific disc set for the sander. You will find all this in our Botland shop.

Check out our grinders, drills and screwdrivers in standard or mini version for processing parts. Upgrade your workshop with high quality, powerful drills and precision discs for your grinders.