Mini-drills and grinding machines

Drilling and grinding are the main and the most common of all methods of processing materials. It is difficult to imagine performing any maintenance from diy or renovation of the apartment after the complex production – without the use of these methods. However, the drill, miniwiertarka or grinding machine is not everything; we need more and relevant tools (drills, wheels, cutters). In this category you will find all you need – no matter whether you're building an Amateur work, you are doing a PCB, or remontujesz house.


  • Grinding machines Grinding machines

    Grinding machine is one of the key instruments used in all fields of technology. Depending on the capacity and type and size used with the grinder attachments, you can perform a very wide range of work available with other types of instruments. In this category you will find a...

  • A drill and screwdriver A drill and screwdriver

    The drill is the most widely used, the main elektronarzędziem, without which it is difficult to imagine not only a professional workshop, production workshop or carpentry workshop, but even ordinary household. In every home from time to time there is a need to hang shelves,...

  • Drill Drill

    Proper selection of drill bit for the material being processed very often bagatelizowany. Despite the apparent similarities, several close to each other drills of the same diameter can have radically different parameters. Therefore, it is important to always before starting...

  • Drives for grinding machines Drives for grinding machines

    Angle grinder is a particularly valuable acquisition for any home worker and professional. Range possible with it works is very wide and goes far beyond what one would conclude from the power tools. Angular grinding machine can be used for, except for grinding for cutting (in...



Products by page

Products by page

Miniwiertarki for precision work

For precision machining of small parts, for example, wyszlifowania/alignment of the edges of an unusual hole in the mounting plate or drilling holes in a printed circuit Board is invaluable miniwiertarka along with a set of accessories for all types of work. In this category you will find a wide range miniwiertarek different manufacturers. We sell them in the original sets, except for the power tools – also large sets of working tools. They allow not only drilling, but also grinding, cutting, polishing or even cleaning from coarse impurities, rust, etc. Individual models differ in engine power miniwiertarki, but also of the speed range, and the number of included elements and form of packaging (which in the case of such tools, most often at the same time is a case for storing working tools).

Grinding machine for heavy work

Miniwiertarki whether miniszlifierki ideal for machining small parts made mostly of soft materials (plastic, wood, non-ferrous metals). However, the seminar is often the need to handle profiles aluminium or steel large diameter, with which a small tool is not doing so because of the power of the engine, as the size of the tips work. In such cases, will come into effect grinding machine angular. Despite the name, the use of these useful tools are rarely aimed at smoothing the surface of the treated element – most often, for corner grinding are used as a very comfortable and durable saw blade that lets you quickly crop a fragment of metal or metal profiles to the desired length. It is important to note that there is no one universal disc for all – so that each type of work (sanding, cutting or grinding) and the material (steel, aluminum, wood, etc.) require the selection of an appropriate shield – in our assortment you will find the most frequently used accessories, and the perfect machine Yato capacity of 850 watts.

Other power tools and accessories

In this category you will also find other tools, very useful in the workshop or home jobs. For heavier work – drilling in steel or concrete – ideal durable impact drill Yato power 1050 watts We also have a very practical drill driver battery. They will give You enough power for most jobs, and thanks to the powered akumulatorowemu negate the problem of filling the piping network and allow you to work in places without access to mains power. In our offer you will also find a wide selection of different drill diameters including the complete sets of drills, Packed in a practical box.