Of soldering station

Of soldering station represent an indispensable tool in the workshop of every home craftsman. Find wide application among fans, industrial enterprises and professional services electronics. The main components of the soldering station is a soldering iron and the collaborating module is responsible for the regulation of the temperature. Due to the method of controlling operating temperature, are distinguished station of analog and digital - as standard they are equipped with manual temperature control of the soldering tip, and more powerful models have the ability to adjust the temperature, among other parameters, by using built-in automation.


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Products by page

Of soldering station - multi-purpose soldering tools at the best price

The temperature regulation system integrated in the simplest soldering stations, making them more flexible devices, compared to conventional lutownic. Because of this, we can optimally select an operating temperature depending on the type of binder - work with lead-free tin will not be tedious for us! If the device that you want to build or renovate, equipped items (including IP) SMD, very good option would be a soldering iron with hot air (hot air). The store Botland also available station hot air soldering iron grotową on Board. These powerful devices, they come with digital displays for convenient operation, independent temperature control for soldering iron grotowej and air, regulation of air flow rate and the ability to remember the settings, making their tools, of course, designed for more complex tasks of installation and service at our stand solder.

Of soldering station safe for the operator and for electronics

Another important niuansem, for which manufacturers pay attention to when designing lutownic side of safety and ergonomics. In order that the work was carried out in a safe and convenient way of soldering station equips flexible and durable wires for the bulb solder. Because of the special sensitivity of semiconductor elements (integrated circuits especially CMOS) for high values of the magnetic field that we can encounter while using a classic soldering iron and a higher susceptibility to damage from electrostatic discharges (ESD), soldering irons kolbowe with the possibility of grounding the grotto find wide application in the construction and repair of many electronic devices, home and professional use with a significantly minimize the risk of damage. Of soldering station and other tools and accessories for soldering, you will find in our online shop.