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Soldering stations are, apart from ordinary manual soldering irons, indispensable tools in the workshop of every DIY enthusiast. They are widely used by both hobbyists and people experienced in working with electronics. You can find soldering stations in almost every production plant and in professional electronics services.

What does a soldering station consist of? Its basic elements are a soldering iron and a module cooperating with it, responsible for regulating the operating temperature. Due to the method of controlling the operating temperature, we distinguish between analog and digital soldering stations - as a standard, they are equipped with manual temperature control of the tip. More advanced soldering stations can adjust the temperature and many other parameters thanks to automatic modules.

In this category, we present smaller and larger soldering stations that will certainly not disappoint you. Choose the highest quality product from the list below!


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Products by page

Soldering stations – multi-purpose soldering tools at an affordable prices

Soldering stations are tools dedicated to professionals and DIY enthusiasts who solder more often and require the only the highest quality devices. The functional system of temperature control built into the simplest soldering stations makes these devices more versatile compared to conventional crank soldering irons. Thanks to the many possibilities of soldering stations, we are able to easily select the optimal operating temperature depending on the type of binder. This means that working with lead-free tin (the most popular type of solder) will no longer be irritating to us!

If the device you want to build or repair is equipped with SMD components (including integrated circuits), then the purchase of a hot-air soldering iron will be a very good solution. The offer of the Botland store also includes hot-air stations with a soldering iron. These are very complex devices that are equipped with digital displays that facilitate operation and work, as well as independent temperature control for the air and tip soldering iron. Additional parameters that deserve attention include airflow speed regulation and the ability to save settings (what will greatly increase our work effectiveness!). This means also that these types of soldering stations are simply irreplaceable and very universal tools designed for more advanced assembly and service tasks.

Safe soldering stations for operators, electronics and DIY enthusiasts

Another important aspect that manufacturers and users rightly pay attention to when designing soldering irons is the issue of safe use of soldering irons and their ergonomics. For safe and comfortable work, the soldering stations are equipped with flexible and durable wires for the soldering iron. Semiconductor elements, such as CMOS integrated circuits, are particularly sensitive to high magnetic field strengths and are susceptible to damage by electrostatic discharges, therefore soldering stations are equipped with the possibility of grounding the tip.

The above mentioned parameters are truly a huge advantage especially when it comes to comparing modern soldering iron stations to the classic and simplest transformer soldering irons. Soldering stations (soldering irons) are therefore used in a variety of production sectors. They are used in building and repairing many household and professional electronic devices with a significantly minimized risk of their damage.

You can find soldering stations and other soldering tools and accessories in our online Botland store. All soldering irons are of the highest quality, created by reputable manufacturers, and thanks to the fact that we operate internationally, we are able to offer attractive prices!

I love programmable electronics. Is buying a soldering station a good idea for me?

A soldering station is a more advanced soldering tool. If you only need to solder a part every now and then, then it may be a good idea to buy a manual crank soldering iron (check these products in a different subcategory of the Botland store!). However, if you build your own robots, smart home systems and other appliances, chances are that buying a soldering station will save you time! If you are wondering which device to choose, just contact us. The Botland team will be happy to help you make the most optimal decision!