Pullers and ticks

Every professional electrician and engineer, the skills and experience need to be appropriately selected tools to properly perform the tasks assigned to it. This also applies to people involved in electronics, hobbystycznie, which sometimes make repairs in your home workshop. Next to tools such as soldering iron, screwdrivers, knives, or keys, also useful are various types of mites for cables and wires electric and puller isolation. Thanks to the appropriate construction, the press will simplify the work and will save considerable time.



Pullers insulation - versatile tools for different wire sizes

The construction of pullers isolation allows you to easily configure these tools for different types of wires. Precise cutting of the insulation allows it to safely remove, and significantly reduces the risk of damage to the conductor. Because the wires meet in a single wire in isolation, as many lived in isolation, it should be borne in mind that if these first General thickness of the wire together with insulation is smaller than in the case that these two, in order to choose the right diameter blade wire stripper. The store Botland also available pullers insulation suitable for processing coaxial cables, antenna cables, data cabling, and fiber optics. Depending on needs and frequency of use of the funds, you can choose edge manual and automatic. Our offer also includes special press for the connectors.

Versatile, durable, mites and more!

If you do a repair installation electric or teletechnicznej and you need to perform the tightening of the wires in the sleeve or fitting konektorach electric, then the best solution would be to use ticks. Press for cables is particularly popular in manufacturing plants, but also among experts of service of the traffic in the networks of electric and ICT. The press wire will also be a useful tool in the workshop domorosłego home wizard. The press characterizes a good comfortable grip, sturdy design and the possibility of crimping of wires and bits of various sizes. After zaprasowaniu electrical connectors (used here should be the press for connectors), to improve the quality of the insulation of electric wires, you can warm up shirts shrink using a heat gun with the set temperature of the heated air.