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No matter if you're a hobbyist or professional in electronics or robotics, you should equip yourself with the right set of tools and accessories that not only make your work easier, but often enable you to perform certain activities. Surely your workshop shouldn't run out of drills and soldering irons, but let there be cable crimping machines and insulation strippers alongside. These are seemingly small, meaningful accessories, but in fact they prove indispensable for some projects. They are useful even during housework and repairs, so not only for the DIY enthusiast and professional electrician, but also for anyone who is ready to do small repairs at home. Squeezers and crimping tools are small tools that can fit in any drawer and tool case. They make repair and assembly work quicker, more accurate and more efficient. Check which models we can offer you and choose the one that best suits your work.



Products by page

Products by page

Reliable insulation strippers

Removing insulation without a suitable tool is a tedious and laborious activity, often we are not able to get rid of it completely, which leaves permanent traces on the surfaces. Insulation strippers are tools to facilitate this activity. They are available in different variants, each with different properties and purpose. Among them there is a front stripper, which is otherwise known as an electrotechnical stripper. As the name suggests, the stripper is positioned at the front and additionally equipped with a screw with which we set the clearance. However, care must be taken when using the turnbuckle, as the turnbuckle can be squeezed too much. As an alternative, the side insulation stripper is a side insulation stripper which is a bit like a pair of scissors, with graduated holes on the blades, in which the cables with the insulation are placed for removal. This stripper is primarily comfortable to use and is therefore very popular. There is also an automatic insulation stripper. We place the cable in the jaw, hold it down and run it. It removes the insulation automatically, so it does not require a lot of effort and strength from the user. However, it is important to know that it does not work well for short cables, but it is used for tapes and flat cables.

In our store you will find various types of insulation strippers, as well as special models designed for processing of antenna cables, coaxial cables, ICT cables and optical fibers. There are manual and automatic strippers, so you have the opportunity to choose one that best suits the specifics and frequency of your work.

Cable crimping machines - a professional tool for professionals and amateurs

Crimping wires in electrical connectors or collets is an activity that requires a special tool. Only then will we do it precisely and with the desired effect. For this purpose, we use a cable crimping machine which has been used in workshops, electronic plants, electricians, do-it-yourself workshops, production and service facilities. It is especially useful during installation repairs. In order to choose a good crimper, pay attention to the strength of its construction, whether it is made of solid materials and how its individual elements are connected. It must also be comfortable to use, so let the handle be properly contoured and fit into your hand. It is important that it can be used to clamp sleeves and wires of different sizes, because we do not always use the same cables. In addition, you will find hot-air torches in the Botland store. These are used to improve the electrical insulation of cables. So we heat up the heat-shrink sleeves with this device, using high air temperature. This makes the electrical insulation even more durable and effective.