Screwdrivers and keys

Screwdrivers and keys are by far the most frequently used among all types of hand tools. Despite the simple design and close, individual screwdrivers are not only the type and size of the tip working, but the ergonomics of use and the level of electrical safety (in the case of insulated screwdrivers that have been adapted for work under voltage). In our store you will find a wide range of screwdrivers and keys are necessary not only in professional Studio and home Studio, but also in every household.



Products by page

Products by page

The types of screwdrivers in stock

If you ask without obligation. there are people who know the types of bits used in wkrętakach, of course, most of them without zająknięcia answer: "flat and the Crusader". Indeed, these are the shapes most often encountered in daily life cuts into the paint dripping to the bus stop screws and screws. However, this is only the beginning of the list. The most widely used hex bolts with the Allen key (hexagonal hole), but not less often – especially in electronic devices – you can find the so-called TORX (cut in the form close to the nut stars). However, not everyone knows that some of these at the beginning of screwdrivers "krzyżakowych" have, in fact – other than the main czteroramiennej tips – additional "wings" that create like a second partial cross rotated relative to the first 45o. This type of tip is the so-called Pozidriv – a kind of a conventional "spider", which greatly facilitates mounting, because it stabilizes the axis of the screwdriver and better transmits torque to the screw head or the screw.

The most common keys in the professional workshop and home

The basic equipment of the workshop mechanics, you can also specify a different sort key. Of course, the simplest in design are hex keys – built in essence from a piece of hex rod bent at a right angle. Depending on settings, force can be applied to the short handle key (for example, in the case of screws, located deep in the holes of the case) or long (to get higher torque with the same force). Similar design we meet also among the keys TORX. For tightening and loosening hexagon head cap screws (without hole), as well as the screws and other hexagonal elements (for example, some separators), which are typical keys of a flat, annular, plate or repair – the choice depends on the number of available in this case, places.

Screwdriver sets the store Botland

In this category you will find a wide selection of screwdrivers, which are offered in sets. The choice you have and sets several screwdrivers "hard" and universal holders with a set of interchangeable tips (called bits) for all kinds of screws and bolts. In our offer we also the key sets hex and TORX, and even a precision screwdriver sets, which are often called zegarmistrzowskimi. Here you will find a full range of special screwdriver and additional tools used for opening housing of mobile phones.