Mounts and magnifier

Electronics – how of professionals in the field of installation and maintenance systems, and home DIY enthusiasts – installation and removal of small elements is a daily occurrence. Despite skill and experience, their work will not be effective without appropriate equipment workshop. In this category you will find a number of accessories that will make repairs faster, easier, and wygodniejszymi. Here you will find a magnifying glass, high-precision chucks for tile, stands for soldering iron, and a separate service tools or whole sets.



Products by page

Products by page

Durable mounting brackets

The vast majority of work on printed circuit boards requires the editor or technician participation of both hands. So there is no possibility that during soldering, drilling or disassembly at the same time firmly hold the tile in place. This task assumes the electronics from any mount. In our store you will find mechanical holders for servicing printed circuit BOARDS, are equipped with a spring and special cutouts. While the spring slightly presses the plate, the notches holding it down, providing a reliable fixing it in the holder in a horizontal position. However, if performed currently works need settings PCB or laminate at an angle, select the stand mounting. The tripod holds the plate on two edges, but the handles can be rotated in any setting (adjustment range includes a complete 3600). Maybe you are looking for a tool that will allow you to hold processed materials with greater force? In this situation select the available in our store ściski szybkomocujące a magnitude of from 30 to 300 kg.

Accuracy is paramount

Who ever lutował the SMD components, he knows that with electronics, even the best human eyes are too little. So the engineers and assemblers of printed circuit BOARDS in their work often use contact lenses to increase. In our assortment you will find traditional glass or loupe with LED light and handle the type of "third hand", equipped with an additional magnifying glass. The second solution is ideal for very precise work – the buckle holding the object is processed, and the position of the magnifier can be adjusted by proper choice of its arrow. In addition to a version with the magnifying glass handle with a type of "third hand" is available also in the version by mites, most often double. If you want to get full control over the arrangement of elements of any shape and size, use sześcioramiennej a "third hand" with a flexible hand.

Other useful accessories

E-in the workshop will be useful for You also stand for the soldering iron, which you don't have to worry about accidentally burning table tops the hot slot. It's worth to buy also the support roller tin. For the extraction of printed elements in PDIP, us, and a special crimper, but if lutujesz elements are thin and you are afraid of damage during the ESD discharge, you will appreciate the output of a bandage on the arm, antistatic gloves and antistatic Mat dining room. Among the Mat we also recommend a version made from silicone, with three fields, magnetic, which facilitates sorting of small parts (e.g. screws) during maintenance or installation of various devices.