Sensors, limit switches

Limit switch is a sensor device that enables the implementation of switches in electrical circuits, under the influence of changing the position of the object. A very common element in industrial automation systems, but in simple building automation systems. Limit switches in our range are characterized by small size, easy installation and a wide selection for the presence of current and development of a lever stroke sensor that allows you to make the best choice krańcówki the design of Your device.

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Products by page

Limit switches - Simple design and long service life

The principle of operation krańcówki (limit switches) are based on Electromechanical changing the position of the movable contact and is the result of physical contact of the external object with the Executive element to be tight pressure on the lever contact end of the switch, and the switching threshold is continuously variable to adjust the length of the cable. At the time you rotate or move a control element, connected physically with the sensor end position occurs a change in the position of the electrical contacts due to the fact that the limit switches are characterized by one stable position, depending on the design of the switch the contacts in a stable condition, may be open or closed (using, respectively, marking: NO or NC). An important advantage of the sensors in the end positions is their long service life, repeatedly high level of accuracy during the switch, also in adverse environmental conditions, as well as the ability to switch electrical loads with high power. The limit switch can be a key element in Your project.

Kontaktrony and magnetic sensors - great for security alarm systems

Normally kontaktronowy is a switch whose state is the position of the contacts is changed by connection of a source of magnetic field. The source of this may be a magnet or an electric circuit through which flows a sufficiently large current. In that case, are placed in the center of the vacuum glass the glass bulb, the system pin is made of a material ferromagnetycznego will be closed and the switch begins to conduct current in an electric circuit, part of which he is part. When you remove the source of the magnetic field, the reed switch contacts remain open, which interrupts the conduction of current in the circuit. Kontaktrony and magnetic sensors are often installed in buildings and have the task to activate the alarm or call in case of open doors or Windows. On the weather stations in anemometrach, a lot of reed switches is the switches in the correct sequence depending on wind speed, which is calculated based on the intervals between załączeniami separate reed switches. Buy limit switch in the store Botland.