Sponges and cleaners

Is not news the fact that the quality of workshop equipment directly affects the results of the work. This also applies to equipment which is often as important as the device that uses it. In the case lutownic the main equipment are the caves: in simple lutownicach transformer made from a piece of thick copper wire, and expensive professional stations – precisely formed rod coated with a thin layers of different metals. In any case, the operation time of the tip to achieve nieakceptowalnego level of consumption depends on proper cleaning. In this category you will find sponges and cleaners for all kinds of tips.



Factors influencing the wear of the tip

The tip of the soldering iron is an element that is exposed is very difficult, even extreme conditions. Destroys the temperature, already during the reign of the technology lead was, at least from 200 to more than 300 oC, and the displacement of old alloys of tin and lead, the worse the situation, raising temperatures by several tens of degrees. In addition to high temperature, the tip surface subjected to mechanical damage, and chemical – for the fluxes, which is designed to remove oxides and to improve lutowności parts to be joined, lead to the degradation of the tip by deposition on its tip burned-out remnants of the substances contained in it. Added to this are the more pollution (in particular, present when working with adults, plates worn long). Incorrect brushing technique can worsen the condition of the tip, wieńcząc the process of destroying its delicate surface. So you should always care to maintenance tips, to choose only high-quality sponges and cleaners specifically designed for this purpose.

How to care for the grotto?

The basic principle is very simple – the grotto must be periodically cleaned, avoiding the accumulation of harmful surface oxides and flux residues przepalonego. When harvested it will display the number of "sticky" for the solder joint of the elements tin, you can immediately collect it from the tip (each side), gently rubbing the iron cloth or damp sponge. After that, it is advisable applying to the web a small amount of clean, fresh tin (with flux inside), which will significantly improve lutowność and prolong the life time of flux. Black husband, sometimes accumulating above the surface, covered with tin, constitute the flux residues and other contaminants – it also should immediately remove tool or sponge to prevent fixation of dirt on the surface of the tip.

Cleaners pressed the store Botland

In this category you will find universal, wire cleaners, and special sponges, which cleaning different types of pointers. The most simple, wire lugs in lutownicach transformer and grottoes in cheaper models lutownic kolbowych can be successfully cleaned with the help of both of these types of czyścików. Delicate, expensive, grottoes it is better to clean with a sponge so as not to damage their coating. Salmiak useful, and cumbersome to clean dirt from pointer lutownic substation – however, after this operation, be sure to neutralize formed during pre-heating salmiaku hydrochloric acid, to not damage it, nor arrows, nor – especially – solder elements or tracks.