Odsysacze and plaiting materials

"Do not mistake only he who does nothing" - this is known for centuries, the principle is also applied in electronics. Very often, especially when prototypowaniu happen to make a mistake during the soldering plate. The element normally in reverse polarity or in the wrong place, in the best case, will reduce performance and worst-case scenario is permanent damage to one or more elements, and even entire tile, so as soon as possible to replace the incorrectly installed element or to improve the data connection. In the first occurs frequently you need rozlutowania existing connections. For this purpose, are odsysacze and braids.



Braid soldering – that is, how physics helps elektronikowi

Bang for suction tin allows you to easily and accurately remove the excess in whole or in tin as one of the connection elements through hole (THT) and SMD. The principle of its operation is very simple – the heated tip of the soldering tin is automatically "zaciągana" between the thin wire braids and is responsible for the interaction forces of particles on the micro. Because guilloche is made of copper to which tin adheres very easily, no need to use additional tools sufficiently heated solder przytknąć the end of the pure braids, and this without Your help wsiąknie in the structure, removing lutowie Delta soldering the PCB. The width of the braid should be selected according to the type of your connection, so you should always have on hand several different wires, for example, 1 mm, 2.5 mm and 3 mm.

Odsysacze solders and their applications in repair and installation

The principle of operation odsysaczy tin is more obvious than braids – here is a conventional vacuum generated by a small piston, wysuwający sharply after the lock is removed. The piston moving in the cylinder under the action of the spring, causing the suction of tin into the cylinder. The fundamental difference between working with odsysaczem, and a network, of the effectiveness of both methods – the removal of tin with pigtails is very accurate, but works well only with small amounts of tin (after a while you need to use another piece of wire, clipping previously used, that is immersed in lutowiem). In turn, the aspirator provides a rapid removal of more tin, so it is much better suited for work with compounds of elements THT – resistors through hole, larger capacitors, coils, connectors or transistors and integrated circuits.

The remaining equipment soldering

In addition to planning purchases of the braids and odsysaczy, should think about their own health – as you know, during soldering from under the grotto emits vapours of flux and smoke, which not only can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, but also adversely affect health in the long work of installation and service. Thus, it is worthwhile to equip his workshop in the separator of the fuel vapor containing but loud fan is also a activated carbon filter that cleans sucked through the fan the air and prevents the accumulation of harmful indoor fumes. In our offer you will find both the sinks stationary (AKS-153) and placed on the brackets (AKS-153A), which significantly simplifies in the case of small desktop size.