Rosin and fluxes

Flux and rosin - Experienced installers of electronics can one look to assess the quality lutów and, if unsatisfactory, specify the source of the error that was made during soldering. No problem to distinguish whether the connection was niedogrzane or overheated, or the quantity of flux applied was adequate and the parameters of the soldering iron and bits were correct in this case. Although elegant and durable soldering requires experience, one thing is clear – without a proper flux, even the best expert will not be able to do anything. In this category you will find modern and rosin fluxes in a variety of forms and with different characteristics.



Or flux, is more important than tin?

The answer to this question can be unexpected – to some extent, however, can be answered in the affirmative. Although tin cynie uneven and stop good quality significantly improves the effects of soldering, however, even old or incorrectly made connections can often przelutować without using even a piece of new tin – plays a major role for the flux. Even the best lutowie are devoid of flux (e.g., as a result of too long heating, or use for high temperature) very quickly lose their initial properties. Although with the flux, should not be exaggerated – it is, however, it is necessary for each specific solder that can easily feel in SMD mounting. However, what flux should I choose?

Types of fluxes

The choice of flux is often dictated by previous installations and experience of the installer, however, you can specify some General principles. The easiest and most commonly used many people, regular rosin flux is activated, that is nothing like a resin high purity, contains chemical compounds, greatly facilitate the soldering. Heated rosin quickly appears, and after cooling, is brittle, what can be persuaded, especially on older boards. It looks completely different to work with topnikami in the gel and in the liquid. The first is ideal for SMD soldering, as marked on the plate for a long time retain their properties, heat only near the tip. Fluxes in the liquid evaporates very quickly, but thanks to the fact that leave no trace, which in the case of gel flux is still highly visible. Both of these types of fluxes are often found in a "no clean", which means that after use does not require a wash tile (although it is good practice in most cases).

Fluxes in the range of the store Botland

In this category you will find various kinds of fluxes is ideal for all installation and repair work. For the traditionalists we have the classic rosin in banks of 20, 40 and 100 gr. Persons engaged in the installation of SMD will especially appreciate fluxes in the gel (for example, the ideal Flux RMA-223), in the form of a felt tip (Flux Pen TK83) and liquid (RF800, available in various packaging from 15 ml to 100 ml). For professionals we also have high quality flux gel company AG Termopasty, packaged in convenient syringes. Rosin and flux, this is one of the key elements of good soldering. Buy them in the store Botland - trusted supplier.