Tin and solder paste

Soldering is a very important procedure created by the build step each device that uses electric and electronic. Properly chosen tin, solder, soldering paste or solder paste with tin is a factor rzutującym on the quality of installation of individual elements on printed circuit BOARDS and other electrical and electronic components occurring outside of printed circuit boards, and, therefore, for proper operation of the device. In our assortment you will find all the necessary accessories for soldering technology THT and SMD. Tin soldering and soldering paste is an essential item to buy.



What solder is best?

Choosing a solder for your own needs, it is necessary that its melting point was low, respectively, and that after its application, the solder connection was solid and demonstrated visual smoothness and luster , fragile zmatowiałe connections can be the cause of the so-called cold lutów and lead to an anomaly in operation of devices. The quality of the soldering and the end result is not without significance is also the chemical composition of the binder solder. The most popular proportion for solder paste - 60% tin and 40% lead, which acts as a flux and facilitates soldering. In addition, if lutujemy the SMD components, it is necessary for this task to apply the solder paste with a high content of metals. Suitable solder paste, will allow you to fully use the settings of the soldering iron.

Tin soldering - Many uses

Tin solder - the quality factor, one should also pay attention to the quantitative factor. Depending on what you need zlutować, you must choose the appropriate section of wire soldering in the case of a small electronic device (including the SMD components), which require high-precision soldering and small gaps between the elements, a good choice would be tin for soldering diameter from 0.25 mm to 1.00 mm. If you need to perform solder joints in the circuits, which mediate the wire diameter for the transmission of currents at high values, it is necessary to apply the tin on, respectively, of larger diameter, because the size of the soldering also influences the ease of soldering and its end result. Want to know what the price of the pastes and soldering cyn? Check out our selection of soldering pastes.