Different kinds of tongs represent – several screwdrivers – basic hand tools, whose usefulness cannot be overstated. In each household, in a mechanical workshop or workshop mail to find, at least, the classic pliers allow to perform a wide range of different jobs, from fixing the workpiece by rotating down and unscrewing of the bolts or nuts, up to the cutting of wires and thin rods. But ticks are just one of many examples of this kind of tools. In our store you will find all kinds of forceps, ideal to perform precise tasks in Your lab.



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Products by page

Nipper cutter for various works

Nipper cutter, also called obcinaczkami, are – as the name implies – for trimming and shortening of the wires, the free ends of clamps, plastic and metal rods thin wiring, hydraulic and pneumatic, as well as heat-shrink tubing and any other items of this type. However, you should know that every type of tongs is also useful for a few others, nieoczywistych application. Gentle, short claws with a length of from about 10 to several tens of centimeters must be used for soft materials and metals with a small cross section. Attempt crossing too thick of a cord or rod of solid material (e.g., steel) causes immediate damage to the delicate cutting edges, which leads to irreversible deterioration of their quality, or even makes it impossible to continue the use of this tool to work with cieńszymi items.

Obcinaczki used in the Assembly of electronics

A small forceps with a sharp, thin cutting edges are ideal for cutting electric wires with a small diameter, thin-narrowing conclusions end-to-end mounting of electronic elements or trimming the heat-shrink tubing. It is rational to use a more expensive, quality tools and always have at hand a stronger, more cutting pliers that are useful for cutting thick (1 mm or more) bits of electronic elements such as diodes or resistors high power. In the exact docinaniu tip wlutowanych components on a circuit Board useful as obcinaczki side and front. The choice here depends on how much we place on "approach" with the tip of a knife in the area obcinanego wire.

Flat tongs are the extension of Your hands in the exact repairs

Flat pliers (pliers etc.) may in some cases be replaced with tweezers – if you want to shape a piece of wire, for example, to bend a thin rod Modeler or bend the tip of the high power LEDs, precision flat pliers are the best choice. During the small heated element (for example, when you want to tighten it t-shirt film), tweezers are a big help – they protect Your fingers from burns, and that will allow you to perform the entire operation. Worth having on hand as forceps straight and curved – choice nasunie themselves depending on what angle you have to come up with tips tools item that you want to keep. In this category you will find all kinds of pliers for special applications, check that will help You in everyday repairs!