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When designing the power structures of its own, everyone must keep in mind about where to place the batteries or AA batteries. Wireless projects provide many great opportunities and often they are easy to use, so you should know how to put it in a safe way replacement food.


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Products by page

The battery separators – battery number has a value

Batteries have different sizes, shapes, and types. Their parameters can vary with voltage, capacity and application. Distinguish, in particular, the model AA, AAA, 18650 battery, CR2032, R20, having a voltage of 9V, 3V, etc.

Batteries are a source of energy, so their elements, they are extremely delicate and sensitive. The presence of moisture or contact with another part zaburzającym work can lead to a short circuit, which in turn will cause the failure of the rest of the system. So use the battery separators of high quality, which guarantee maximum safety when working. We offer a range of premium, made from the finest materials and is characterized by the implementation, application and use of products has been completely satisfactory.

Accumulators and separators all of the hardware,

Wherever there are batteries and batteries (regardless of their shapes and sizes), there should be a separator to ensure the safe use power source. Both of these items can be found in simple designs, such as watches naręcznych hanging and standing, popular remote controls for electronic equipment, and even in advanced smartphones, laptops or dronach. Sometimes even electronic devices that require connection to the mains requires the use of a battery for different systems – these devices offer, in particular, memory function settings, even after turning off the device. They use, in the end, the internal memory that needs to run even during a break.

In Botland offer you will find not only separators for batteriesthat will be suitable for creating Your projects, but also boxes and packaging, to ensure safe carriage and storage of the battery. Should not have access to moisture, high or low temperatures, and even contact with the material, the conducting current. Any negligence can carry serious consequences, so we recommend you use our range.