In this category we offer, in particular charging devices for mobile devices and batteries (including gel batteries automobile, motorcycle and UPS systems), as well as the AC charger and charging module for lithium-polymer, lithium-ion and Nickel-metal-hydride batteries. The range includes both traditional charger with cable and charger induction.


  • Chargers for phones Chargers for phones

    Chargers for mobile - All mobile devices that we use have built-in battery . This means charging from the mains, that for some time. In smartphones and tablets are currently in use almost exclusively lithium-ion batteries . They require accurate models of the charging...

  • Charger with a lipo - network Charger with a lipo - network

    In the category of “Charger with a lipo - network” you will find a wide selection of chargers that are designed in a special battery with a lipo. This type of sensor is often used in electronics, robotyków or modelers (for remote-controlled vehicles or drones). They require an...

  • Charger with a lipo - modules Charger with a lipo - modules

    During the creation of his own electronic project, in the installation phase, it may be that the power management system and battery charging is too large to fit in the housing. Small modules of the charger with a lipo very well solve this problem - they feature a simple...

  • Charger Ni-MH Charger Ni-MH

    If you often work with devices that require power batteries, you should buy batteries, the so-called batteries. Using rechargeable batteries can significantly reduce the cost - their service life reaches up to 2000 charge cycles, and among such batteries are...

  • Charger Li-Ion Charger Li-Ion

    Li-ion batteries use lithium compounds as one of the electrodes of the electrochemical battery. This kind of system enables repeated charging and discharging, that is more just with minimal loss of capacity in each cycle. Given that batteries of this type are used in many...

  • Charger for rechargeable batteries Charger for rechargeable batteries

    Charger for batteries - Each of us knows perfectly well how annoying the experience, draining the battery in the device for us at the moment, is especially needed. Annoyed by the impossibility of the perfect frame using the camera, the car niedający to run before an important...

  • Car charger Car charger

    Charger for smartphones, tablets and other USB devices suitable car suitable for popular automotive cigarette lighter.

Products by page

Products by page


The device is powered by batteries or battery make up a significant percentage of used for every day electronic equipment. The reusable elements are used is also useful in many other mechanisms, for example, in vehicles equipped with internal combustion engine. Each type used in the device the batteries require the proper charger, which will be adapted to its design and parameters.

The selection of the appropriate charger

The basic principle in the selection of the charger - the choice of the model adapted for a specific type of elements (chemical composition and, in the case of chargers, batteries also the size of the battery) having a corresponding connector. Also helpful are additional features such as intelligent management of charging. This charger is equipped with a microprocessor, which, after completion of the charge reduces the transfer of energy to the level of that support as a full charge - this allows you to avoid damage to the battery and excessive current consumption. In the case of mobile devices available not only a charger wire, but also wireless (inductive). And among chargers for batteries, is to look for models with balanserem that allows you to adjust the voltage in each of the goal and prevents przeładowywaniu yourself links.

The products available in this section

In this category we offer, in particular charging devices for mobile devices and batteries and a universal charger and rozładowywarki electronics is equipped with a large number of interchangeable adapters. Includes charger network as modules charging and power management designed for use in electronic projects.