Chargers are nowadays the basic equipment of each of us. We all have wireless mobile phones, and most also have laptops, mice and battery-powered keyboards. The world and people do not like restrictions, and power cords are one of them! If you are looking for a chargers for batteries, mobile phones and custom battery pack, we recommend you to take advantage of our offer – Your satisfaction is our priority.


  • Phone chargers Phone chargers

    A power supply with an output voltage of 5 Volts for charging mobile phones.

  • LiPol chargers 230V LiPol chargers 230V

    If the technology and the complexity of the design of electronic thanks to You, every year gets better and better, it is not surprising that manufacturers of spare parts and equipment are on the head to satisfy all users. One example of such elements are, in particular,...

  • LiPol chargers - modules LiPol chargers - modules

    The modules are printed circuit BOARDS chargers for packs with a lipo 1S at 3.7 V.

  • Ni-MH chargers Ni-MH chargers

    Charger plug for rechargeable batteries AA, AAA, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd .

  • Li-Ion chargers Li-Ion chargers

    Charger for lithium-ion batteries.

  • Battery chargers Battery chargers

    Charger network adapted for charging gel batteries and for automotive.

  • Car phone chargers Car phone chargers

    Chargers for smartphones and tablets of other USB devices for car lighter socket.

Products by page

Products by page

The essence of the quality of the charger – why you should choose a tested and original product?

Currently, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are one of the most popular types of power supply available on the market. We use them, among others, in RC models,  remote controls, e-cigarettes, and even laptops and phones. When you choose a large product capacity, you usually want to enjoy the extended working time of your equipment, but you also have to take into account the long charging time. Did you know that good quality chargers from reliable and reputable manufacturers can reduce this period to minimum values?

The quality of the materials used in the production has a huge impact on the number of voltage drops, puls rate and productivity – temperature also matters, and low-end products can heat up their system or batteries to dangerous values. We recommend that you use the best range available in our shop as well as modules that will allow you to create a unique charging design without having to disassemble the power source.

Phone chargers – protect yourself for every occasion or create your own model

For fans of electronic constructions, we will also find something special in our store. We have complete kits that will allow you to learn how to manufacture efficient phone chargers, so you can understand the design and operation of this system - practical experience will surely be useful for more advanced projects!

In addition, you will find here, among other things, car chargers, single power supplies or products with multiple outputs, induction fields and much more! See for yourself what we have prepared for you in this category.