Power supply

The power supply is a device that has the task to convert the parameters from the input voltage in is, which will be implemented by the requirements of the target device. Such tools are designed so that they were as universal as possible (in the settings) or to create the perfect diet for your specific hardware. Power supply units controlled on a regular basis of the parameters most commonly used in laboratories for prototyping, power supplies gniazdkowe used for household appliances, and installation are best suited for floor LED. The range also power supplies industrial (for mounting on DIN-rail), SMOOTH power with its own source of energy), generators (water), power supplies, automotive (12 Volt) as well as extension cords and extension cords rozdzielnikami.


  • Power supplies laboratory Power supplies laboratory

    Laboratory power supplies are very useful tools both at the stage of prototyping , as with the calibration when assembling electronic devices, but also during testing and various repair . Their design allows you to adjust the power settings in real time. If you are...

  • Generators functional Generators functional

    In the category of “functional Generators” you will find high quality equipment needed in almost every laboratory of robotics or electronics. We have a device that creates all sorts of passages the functions of different frequencies. These can be devices that work as...

  • Power supply dogniazdkowe Power supply dogniazdkowe

    The choice of power supply is a fairly complex task that requires consideration of many products, knowledge of types of tips, the voltage and the charging current. So the store Botland is a filter that allows you to narrow the search and facilitates the buying process. In...

  • Power supply mounting Power supply mounting

    Power supplies for LED panels In modern interior design projects, increasingly see the strap and ribbon led. In our store Botland You will find a wide selection of LED lighting and a full range of accessories, including power supplies for LED panels. We have the equipment and...

  • Power supplies on a DIN rail Power supplies on a DIN rail

    Industrial systems are usually mounted in cabinets with DIN rails. In this wardrobe it is better to install power supply on DIN rail for power supply devices in such installations. No matter what in the closet are the industrial automation system, or network equipment, power...

  • Uninterruptible power supply UPS Uninterruptible power supply UPS

    In the category “UNINTERRUPTIBLE power supply” you will find a wide selection of specialized devices to maintain uninterrupted power for various equipment. In the case of temporary outages or her any of the settings, power supply uninterrupted UPS will shut off the supply of...

  • Power supply ATX Power supply ATX

    Anyone who has ever collected, repaired, expanded, or cleaned a desktop computer, knows one of its core components – power unit ATX. Not all, however, know that this node can be successfully used for various applications as well as fully far from computers as such. The ATX...

  • Cables and adapters Cables and adapters

    For more than a century and a half of intensive development of industry, in the field of ELECTRONICS, computer, HOUSEHOLD appliances, and the manufacture of medical or industrial, different manufacturers have introduced new types of power connectors. And – as usually happens...

  • Power generators Power generators

    Power generators - Renewable energy sources (hereinafter RES ) are one of the hottest topics in the modern energy industry. The possibility of obtaining the supply voltage from the energy of wind, sun, water or geothermal sources not only saves reducing in an alarming...

  • Power supplies automotive Power supplies automotive

    During everyday driving, especially during long trips, there may be many situations in which access is required to the mains voltage 230 V. Almost always, and need food, or at least partial replenishment while driving a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones as car...

  • Extension cords and extension cords Extension cords and extension cords

    In every contemporary home or office use several electronic devices. TVs and home theater systems, laptop computers while charging, the battery charger smartphones and tablets, lamps, APPLIANCES, and in the offices of printers, copiers, computers, cash register – all of these...


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Products by page

Products by page

Power supply

In our offer we have a wide selection of power supply units depending on the target devices have different settings of output current and require different conditions.

Types of power supply units

Are the most versatile laboratory power supply. These are devices which are very useful tools when working robotics electronica. You can configure relevant parameters of voltage in newly constructed devices or, for example, in the calibration, repair, or science. The same group of functional generators, which are characterized by the possibilities of generating direct current signal of a certain shape function, for example, rectangular, piłokształtne or sine waves. They are used either in the universities, to the analog sensor for testing circuits, integrated circuits or for scientific research. Power supply dogniazdkowe are products suitable for your target devices. Are characterized by the simple electrical connections and the corresponding plug for connection to equipment. When choosing a particular model should pay particular attention to the relevant parameters of voltage and current, and also to the corresponding connector on the cable end. Power supply units from this category are most often used for tile development (such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino).

What else do we offer?

In offer we also have power supplies, mounting - most of the products are designed for use with LED strips that are commonly used in modern types of lighting your home or office. We also offer power supplies for DIN rail mounting application both in industry and in the home or office. Uninterruptible power supply UPS allow and safe use of equipment which could be damaged due to sudden disappearance of stress or when you change the settings (e.g. desktop computers). Power supply ATX is a tool a wide range of applications but are most commonly used in desktop computers, for energizing the various parameters for different components. In section “Cables and adapters” you will find a large selection of wires of different types, different lengths and many different adapters. We also have straps, cords or cables, thanks to which it will be easier to manage a large number of devices simultaneously. Also check the suggestion generators, so you can, for example, take the energy from your faucet. You will also find a power supply with a separate car and a few USB connectors, or perhaps display stand with the function of inductive charging.