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Power supplies are devices whose task is to match the available voltage to the requirements of the equipment being powered. There are many possibilities to change the size of the voltage, which allows to distinguish several basic types of power supplies. Among them there are linear, pulsed and stabilized power supplies. Many power supplies have a parameter adjustment function, so they can be adjusted to the specific equipment and used with more than one. These are universal power supplies with wide application. When it comes to power supplies, which are characterized by current parameter control, they are used mainly in laboratories. There they are used for prototyping. In domestic devices, in turn, socket power supplies are commonly used. If we are looking for a power supply for a LED strip, the best choice will be a mounting power supply. All these models are available in Botland shops. We offer a wide range of products, among which are car, emergency and industrial power supplies, as well as power strips and water generators.


  • Power supplies laboratory Power supplies laboratory

    Bench power supplies are versatile components that can be used at various stages of electronic projects. We recommend them as a helpful tool during prototyping and calibration during the assembly of electronic devices. Moreover, they prove themselves in the repair of...

  • Generators functional Generators functional

    In the category of “functional Generators” you will find high quality equipment needed in almost every laboratory of robotics or electronics. We have a device that creates all sorts of passages the functions of different frequencies. These can be devices that work...

  • Power supply dogniazdkowe Power supply dogniazdkowe

    A power supply is a thing that accompanies us every day when using various other devices. Its importance is often underestimated. Example? A desktop computer, even with great components, can run slowly if the power supply is chosen inappropriately. The power of the socket...

  • Power supply mounting Power supply mounting

    Power supplies for LED panels In modern interior design projects, increasingly see the strap and ribbon led. In our store Botland You will find a wide selection of LED lighting and a full range of accessories, including power supplies for LED panels. We have the equipment...

  • Power supplies on a DIN rail Power supplies on a DIN rail

    Industrial systems are usually mounted in cabinets with DIN rails. In this wardrobe it is better to install power supply on DIN rail for power supply devices in such installations. No matter what in the closet are the industrial automation system, or network equipment, power...

  • Uninterruptible power supply UPS Uninterruptible power supply UPS

    In the category “UNINTERRUPTIBLE power supply” you will find a wide selection of specialized devices to maintain uninterrupted power for various equipment. In the case of temporary outages or her any of the settings, power supply uninterrupted UPS will shut off the...

  • Power supply ATX Power supply ATX

    Anyone who has ever collected, repaired, expanded, or cleaned a desktop computer, knows one of its core components – power unit ATX. Not all, however, know that this node can be successfully used for various applications as well as fully far from computers as such. The...

  • Cables and adapters Cables and adapters

    For more than a century and a half of intensive development of industry, in the field of ELECTRONICS, computer, HOUSEHOLD appliances, and the manufacture of medical or industrial, different manufacturers have introduced new types of power connectors. And – as usually...

  • Power generators Power generators

    Renewable energy sources (RES) are one of the hottest topics in modern energy. The possibility of obtaining the supply voltage from wind, solar or water energy or geothermal sources allows not only to save the rapidly shrinking deposits of natural resources, but also to...

  • Power supplies automotive Power supplies automotive

    During everyday driving, especially during long trips, there may be many situations in which access is required to the mains voltage 230 V. Almost always, and need food, or at least partial replenishment while driving a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones as car...

  • Extension cords and extension cords Extension cords and extension cords

    In every contemporary home or office use several electronic devices. TVs and home theater systems, laptop computers while charging, the battery charger smartphones and tablets, lamps, APPLIANCES, and in the offices of printers, copiers, computers, cash register – all of...


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Products by page

Products by page

Power supply in different versions. Explore the types of power supplies

Power supplies differ in their parameters and thus in their purpose. A different model is used in domestic applications and another in industrial and laboratory applications. The power supplies are used by electronics and robotics fans, who create new systems and devices, as well as prototype. They are essential elements in the construction of any device that needs power. They are useful during repairs and calibration. The most universal ones include laboratory power supplies, but functional generators are similarly used. They are distinguished by their great ability to generate current courses with a specific function shape, including sinusoidal and rectangular. They are used in circuit testing and scientific research, so you can find them at technical universities.

There are also socket outlets for a specific device. We will easily plug them into a wall socket and the right plug into the equipment. If we decide on this variant, we must pay attention to voltage and current. We also remember to check the plug at the end of the cables. Power supplies of this type work well with development boards.

Particularly interesting are the mounting power supplies, which are dedicated to LED strips. Currently, they are very popular because the strips are perfect for decorative and additional lighting, such as furniture or stairs. Universal use is characterized by power supplies for DIN rail, which can be found in home, office and industrial space. If you are looking for a good power supply for equipment that is damaged due to unexpected power outages or changes in specific parameters, choose a UPS. It is used, among others, in desktop computers. For the same equipment, we will use an ATX power supply to provide it with voltage of different parameters.

Power supply accessories

We offer not only various types of power supplies that you can use at home, in the office, industry, university and laboratory, but also necessary and useful accessories for them. These include cables and adapters of various lengths. In addition, we recommend extensions and power strips designed to control more connected devices. For energy recovery, use a power generator. A car power supply unit with one or more USB ports can also be a useful accessory.

Check out our range of power supplies, which are available in the shop in many variants. We encourage you to check the laboratory power supplies, emergency power supplies, socket outlets and assembly power supplies. We also have power supplies for rail and ATX power supplies. To increase the possibility of their use, we have supplemented our offer with cables and adapters, extensions and power strips, as well as power generators and additionally car power supplies.