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Power supply dogniazdkowe, Assembly, laboratory to run electronic modules, robots, minicomputers, etc.



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Products by page

Products by page

The power supply in any home, office or car

Travelling by car for personal purposes and for work, often we use mobile phones, tablets, and even laptops and professional navigators. Unfortunately, their power is limited, and sometimes no battery can cost you a lot of time, fuel and nerves. So you should prepare yourself for any eventuality by selecting the best quality power supplies automotive. We have in offer also specialized equipment that is used, in particular, in the workshops and laboratories. This is a laboratory power supply providing adjustment of the voltage and current.

We also have products that find a place in every home, office, or even apartment. We offer power supply units of the network , protecting equipment from dangerous voltage spikes, straps, separating the signal from a single plug to multiple connectors and extension cords that are useful in all buildings.

Range for professionals, technicians and trade objects

Power supplies, UPS originally used a professional server rooms, buildings, business, and similar objects. Today, you can find them in almost all homes, because everyone wants to protect their property in case of temporary fault current. Thanks to the integrated Li-ion battery, you can take the water pump with a fireplace, computers, servers, etc.

We also offer power supplies ATX with different parameters – this is a popular products used in all desktop computers. For other purposes we can imagine , power supplies, installation, used, for example, when you install LED panels, their functions, however, is much more.

In addition, you will find in this category include: generators, power supplies for DIN rail mounting, power supplies dogniazdkowe, function generators and all necessary cables and adapters. We guarantee you satisfaction and pleasure, thanks to the care of our crew for details and the smallest of details, we can boast a range of top shelf.