The IR receiver

Infrared receiver (IR) is a popular, inexpensive and easy-to-use wireless technology. Infrared electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength exceeding the wavelength of light of the visible spectrum to the human eye and for several decades is based on the work of TV remote controls and other equipment for home use, and more recently also remote control equipment for robotics or automation. In addition, the property of infrared radiation is used in conjunction with thermal imaging cameras - invaluable tools in the widely understood medical diagnostics and support. The corresponding infrared sensor you'll find in our range.

How does the communication for infrared waves?

Infrared radiation is essentially light is not directly visible to the human eye, and thus well established in the relationship. The sources of infrared radiation are present among us in many places. Sunlight, electric light and all objects that produce heat also forms the spectrum of infrared radiation. How among such a large number of sources IR-fixes an issue bezzakłóceniowej link between devices equipped with IR module? When you press the button on the TV remote, wanting to do things like change the volume or broadcast program, infrared led , built-in remote control (IR sensor) flashes with a frequency of 38kHz (this is the most common frequency in the IR devices, but there are also other frequencies, for example, 36kHz if 56kHz) to transmit coded information in the infrared receiver built into the TV. That signal is sent to the IR receiver are correctly perceived, it needs to be subjected to modulation. Using this process, wysyłanemu signal is assigned to the corresponding form of the flow of time, so it will be identified correctly and rozkodowany to change the setting depending on the pressed button on the remote.

Opportunities for mobile phone and Arduino

Standard in most produce today's mobile phones with touch screen is a built-in infrared sensor that detects the temperature of the human body and controls the switching on and off of the display during voice calls. Using the connector on the infrared port in your phone, you can connect the telephone module with infrared radiation, give a lot of possibilities for controlling external objects. Then from the deck of the phone, you can control the operating parameters of air conditioning equipment, to control the shutters of Windows and doors, and even use the phone as a gaming console. Connect the IR sensor to the Arduino, will allow You to build, in particular, the robot with the function of detecting obstacles in its path of movement, and intelligent lighting control system in the room. Select a suitable infrared sensor for your project.