The IR receiver

Infrared technology is as old as the world. In fact, it is literally so because infrared waves reach us from the sun. When it comes to technology, infrared waves can be found, for example, in TV remote controls, not the current ones, but those produced many decades ago. Currently, infrared technology is much more modern.

In this category, we present you specialized infrared receivers (IR). The infrared receiver is a popular, cheap and easy-to-use wireless communication technology. Infrared is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength that exceeds the wavelength of light visible to the human eye. Infrared is a technology that has been the basis of remote controls for TV sets and other home electronics for several decades. Relatively recently, IR has also been implemented in remote control devices in advanced robotics and automation. Moreover, the properties of infrared radiation were used in the construction of thermal imaging cameras. These are very valuable detection tools used in the broadly understood medical and technical diagnostics, as well as for property protection. If you are looking for the right infrared sensor for your project, it is surely easy to find the perfect product in this category!

How does infrared (IR) communication work? A simple explanation

Generally speaking, infrared radiation is a kind of light that is invisible to the human eye and this is one of the reason why it works so well in wireless communication. Infrared radiation sources are present among us in many places. The most popular and largest infrared emitters are: sunlight, electric lighting and any objects that emit heat. The latter also create a kind of infrared spectrum.

Therefore, a question can be asked: how was the problem of interference-free communication between devices equipped with an infrared module solved among such a large number of infrared sources? To answer this question, it is worth following an example. When you press a button on the TV remote control to change the volume or program, the infrared LED built into the remote control (IR sensor) flashes at 38kHz (this is the most common frequency in IR devices, but there are also other IR frequencies - 36kHz, 56kHz). This is how the process of transmitting the encoded information to the IR receiver which is built into the TV (receiver) takes place. In order for the signal transmitted to the IR receiver to be properly recorded, it must be modulated properly. The transmitted signal is shaped into a suitable time waveform. As a result, the signal is immediately correctly recognized and decoded. As a result, the desired change (change of volume or TV program) takes place. Of course, the above diagram is only an example. Its purpose is to present as simply as possible how IR works. Infrared waves are used in many much more advanced technological and industrial projects.

IR – Arduino modules and mobile phones

Infrared technology is all around us. A built-in infrared sensor is a standard in most currently manufactured touch phones. It is a module responsible for detecting the temperature of the human body and controlling the switching on and off of the display while talking on the phone. With the infrared connector for the phone, you can pair the phone with the infrared module, giving you many options for controlling external objects. It all depends on your needs, but in general, you can manage the operation of air conditioning devices, control the blinds of doors and windows, and even use the phone as a game console. You will have even more possibilities if you decide to add an IR module to programmable electronics - microcomputers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. For example, connecting an IR sensor to Arduino will allow you to build a robot with the function of detecting obstacles in its path, as well as an intelligent lighting control system in the room. Choose the right infrared sensor for your project!

Infrared technology and IR heaters

Another interesting example of the use of infrared technology are devices for heating apartments and houses. The IR heater provides heat immediately. Infrared heating is very efficient and is an increasingly interesting alternative to classic heating methods. Additionally, heating with IR radiators does not cause air quality deterioration. Standard residential radiators or even underfloor heating make the air drier and therefore more unpleasant.

No matter what you need infrared receivers for, this category has everything you need!