In our store we offer a wide selection of different models of AVR microcontroller SMD. The use of the surface technology makes sure they can perform the role of logic even in very small devices. We have both small model from the ATtiny, and more powerful, offer more features for the device from the ATmega. With this equipment you can create a small robot mobile omijającego obstacles to build your own metronome or build a completely new device that will be innovation - limits You to only fantasy.

SMD AVR is a good choice for your project

Despite the fact that the device had its premiere many years ago, with the AVR still enjoys a lot of students, house masters and professional electronics. The products of this category are an excellent material for the study, soldering and processing of items manufactured in the SMD technology (surface). Also check very well in logical systems small devices that don't require much computing power. Controllers AVR almost the same parameters available versions in the housing of the SMD (in this category) and technology przewlekanej -THT (also in the store Botland). Very helpful in a situation where elektronik plans first prototypować device. The device with the casing of TNT (DIP) you can easily connect to universal tile and programming. In the next phase of the project, you already can develop the target circuit Board with a SMD version of the microcontroller. The biggest advantage of these devices is also their popularity. Due to the fact that well proven especially in the beginning of learning digital electronics in the Internet you can find a variety of materials and even finished projects with installation instructions. Textbooks contain, in particular, on the popular blog FORBOT and videos on YouTube.

AVR SMD - what do we offer?

We offer mainly two types of devices: a compact version of the ATtiny and longer, more complex feature of the ATmega. Devices have from 64 B to 2.5 KB of RAM. A smaller footprint (ATtiny) have from 8 to 20 pins, and the larger (ATmega) - from 32 to 64 pins. Their number determines the number of devices possible to connect. Communication with PC is done using interfaces such as SPI or UART (sometimes also I2C), and the required voltage does not exceed 5.5 V (used value determines the processor frequency up to 20 MHz). This type of microcontrollers can successfully serve as the logical scheme in robots, mobile, watches that use quartz as well as in devices such as metronome, tuner or remote.