AVR in the case of TNT

AVR in the case of TNT - IN our offer we have a wide selection of different models one of the most popular microcontrollers. This device family Atmel AVR: all are made in the technology THT (elements in the body przewlekanej - DIP), making them perfect for both experienced users and beginners in electronics. In assortment there are also small devices such as ATtiny, and offer more opportunities for models of the ATmega. With such equipment you can learn to build digital systems and their programming - for example, designing and completing your first watch, flashlight, calculator, or a mobile robot.

AVR in the case of TNT - what is it?

The microcontroller in the case of TNT-it's expensive equipment, which was beginning my adventure with electronics, digital and many are currently already working professionals. It is a small chip that has a CPU (microprocessor) - it has the task to execute commands recorded in program code contained in memory of type FLASH. All data and program variables will be in RAM. In addition, the microcontroller has a so-called peripheral systems: for example, the drivers that enable the reading of the input signal as the signal coming from the temperature sensor, and the formation of the output signals.

AVR in the case of TNT - great for training

The microcontroller in the case of TNT is one of the devices ideally suited for the study of digital electronics. Low price makes it in the case of an error (for example, in the case of flaring system, causing a short circuit due to improper connection) you may incur a small loss. We offer in this category of models is the AVR in the case of TNT - that means easily they can be put in on the universal Board without soldering. This is a significant relief for every budding electronics, so how to properly solder requires a high degree of accuracy and a certain amount of experience that becomes another obstacle in learning the rules of electronics. On the Internet you can find a lot of material (among other blogs and tutorials on YouTube - as in Polish, like in English) so you can easily learn how to use microcontrollers (electronics development and programming) using the AVR hardware. The manufacturer provides free datasheet document where you can easily find information about the amount of available RAM, FLASH or EEPROM, systems, peripherals or the maximum frequency of the processor. There also contains important information on the functions of each of the contacts, a power supply, a detailed evaluation for the CPU and various other data, which you can safely connect the equipment and use it.

AVR in the case of TNT is also for professionals

The microcontroller in the case of TNT perfectly suitable also for professionals. Can act as a cheap test device, suitable for monitoring the correct functioning of the previously developed layout - thus, you can easily prototypować new devices. In subsequent stages of the system create a new version of TNT can be replaced by a much smaller microcontroller manufactured in the SMD technology. AVR in the case of TNT it is also ideal as the target microcontroller in simple devices that minimize logic size does not matter.