Motor drivers bezszczotkowych

Thanks to the development of modern electronic motor drivers bezszczotkowych have many additional features designed a complex system this type of engines. They have many advantages such as high torque, independent of current speed, engine speed, and a high ratio of power-to-weight. Unfortunately, their control is very difficult. Don't just connect the current to set them in motion. Fortunately, our store presents a wide range of drivers of these engines, which facilitate their use in all projects.

Drivers of modern BLDC motors

Brushless DC motor (BLDC motor), also known as an engine swap. electronic, synchronous or DC motor, synchronous motors, DC power supply, inverter or power supply pulse. This is a special driver bezszczotkowych motors, which produces electric current AC to manage each phase of the motor by means of a system with a closed feedback loop. The driver delivers current pulses in the motor windings, controlling the speed and torque of the engine.

The advantages of engines bezszczotkowych

The advantages of brushless motor in relation to engine of the brush is mainly the high ratio of engine power to weight, high speed and the possibility of electronic control using motor driver, brushless. Because of this, the BLDC motors have high torque which does not depend on speed of rotation. Conventional DC motors with commutation using brushes reach its nominal torque only when full speed. BLDC motors find application in such devices as computer peripherals (disk drives, printers), handheld power tools and all kinds of vehicles, from model airplanes with electric drive (mostly drones and quadrocoptery), electric cars. Through the use of special drivers, komutujących phase windings on a separate engine, possible to use very complex algorithms to control operation of the engine.

Sophisticated engine controls bezszczotkowymi

Since motor drivers bezszczotkowych must work in a shift beyond the traditional brush-type motors require information on the position of the rotor relative to the stator coils. Some designs use Hall effect sensors or speed sensor for direct measurement of the rotor position. Others, in turn, measure the strength of back EMF in niezasilanych at the moment the motor winding to determine the rotor position, eliminating the need to use individual sensors of the Hall effect. This is due to this fact often referred to as regulators bezczujnikowymi.

For modeling the use of BLDC motors and specialized controllers

Brushless motors are popular in the models flying and dronach. Best ratio of power and weight, as well as a wide range of dimensions revolutionized the market of electric models, almost pushing him to the other engines. Stimulated the development of simple, lightweight electric model aircraft. Improved ratio of power to weight of modern batteries and motors bezszczotkowych allows models to ascend vertically, instead of gradually rise. Present in the market motor drivers bezszczotkowych often have additional features designed to integrate with the model flying, such as the interface for the system of radio control.