Every project should contain an LED diode, and the best solution is a tricolor one! By mixing the colors, for example with a PWM output from a microcontroller, you can get any range of actual colors. An RGB LED is an LED that can light up in three different colors at the same time (red, green, and blue). By letting the base colors light up with different intensities, an RGB LED can light up in many different colors. When it shines at full strength in all colors, the light turns white. When it only glows red, the light also turns red. When it glows both red and green, the light turns yellow. If you want to buy an RGB LED for your project, visit We offer a large selection of high-quality RGB LEDs, and we can assure you that our products will meet your expectations. In this category, you will find items such as LED RGB rings, LED modules for PCB, LED chains, and many more! We provide the best prices and fast delivery.


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What RGB LED is?

There are many types of semiconductor diodes on the market. One of the most popular type is the LED (Light-Emitting Diode). Manufacturers use different compositions of the semiconductor material to emit different colored lights. Thus, there is the RGB LED, which uses various combinations of LEDs to be able to emit light in different colors.

If you want to create a project in which a single-color LED is not enough, with RGB LEDs you can achieve wonderful multi-color light effects. And they are not very different from conventional LEDs, so you can integrate them with your Arduino board or in other electronic projects in a very simple way

RGB LED is a type of light-emitting diode and its name derives from the words Red, Blue, and Green. It usually has four wires with a common terminal, whether it is a common anode or common cathode RGB Led. From these three colors, it’s possible to generate more than 16 million colors. In simple words, it is as if they were 3 LEDs connected to each other with their anode or cathode, and therefore it’s the electronic component that has more terminals than the one-color LEDs. What are the differences between RGB and CMYK? The RGB code is a color model that is based on the three primary colors red (Red), green (Green), and blue (Blue). The acronym CMYK indicates the color model cyan (Cyan), magenta (Magenta), yellow (Yellow), and black (black). The 3 LED diodes packed in the same package is capable of producing this entire range of colors.

How does it work?

RGB is a color model based on additive synthesis, with which it is possible to represent a color by mixing by adding the three primary light colors. The RGB color model does not itself define what exactly red, green, or blue means, so the same RGB values ​​can display noticeably different colors on different devices that use this color model. Even if they use the same color model, their color spaces can vary considerably. So the additive synthesis means adding colors for long enough to achieve the expected color. This is what happens with light. On the other hand, if you mix colors of watercolors, for example, you get black.

The RGB Led colors are represented with numbers between the 0 and 255 values. This way, to compose the red color, you must put the maximum value of red and the minimum value of the other colors, that is, red equals �R = 255; G = 0; B = 0 �. Now, to be able to "select" a color, all you have to do is to give more intensity to one color than another and this is achieved using PWM with about 555 or with a microcontroller like Arduino.

Integration with Arduino

If you want to use the RGB LED with Arduino, you just have to use the RGB LED and a resistor for the anode, and connect it to the digital pins you want on your Arduino board. Although you can use the pins you want, it is better to use the PWM to be able to play with the signal.

After this basic connection, you can now start scheduling the skits taking into account the pins on which you have connected each pin.

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