Use basic and small (sometimes even a few seemingly important) elements, creates unique face advanced design. The RGB LEDs are the equipment that, despite the fact that cheap and available in different versions, is almost in most electronic devices. Shop Botland every fan of tinkering with and building electronic circuits, you will find the necessary details that will help him to implement all plans.


Voltage to
Voltage from
Nominal power
LED wavelength
Cable length
LED - type
LED - color
LED - digital
LED - stream
LED lighting angle
LED shape
LED mount
LED bulb - thread
Tightness class:
LED lens
Energy class

Products by page

Products by page

LEDs LED RGB – the perfect accessory for smart design

Wanting to impress your friends, put on innovative and creative solutions – one of them, the LEDs will backlight the furnishings, which change their color under the influence of the rhythm of the music. Another example could be the popular Ambilight system on TVs that do not have it in the original configuration. Both of these systems, you can create a quick and easy way using strips, skirting boards, stamps and rings using RGB LEDs, which are available in our product range. By combining them, in particular, with a reasonable minikomputerami and the base Arduino or the Raspberry, designers only limit is your imagination and manual skills – however, the most interesting diagrams can be found online, with detailed descriptions of each step. Using RGB LEDs, you can also create additional lighting, modern clocks, or to mount their equipment, informing about the state of battery, temperature, etc.

Smart clothes? Fashion does not have to be boring

We want to present You the RGB LEDsthat have been fitted in a special driver that allows them to create intelligent clothing using colors. You dream about a tie that has the line sound and moves with the intensity of the voice or to the rhythm of the music? Maybe a slim dress with small LEDs that glow when you walk? This is already possible and available in our online store! Due to the fact that they require low voltage and do not consume large amounts of energy can be successful with the help of small battery. The use of RGB LEDs is not only functional improvement of comfort of life, but also great fun that requires creativity! We invite you to familiarize yourself with these opportunities.

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