Light emitting diodes are semiconductor electronic devices that emit light in monochrome, when contained in this element PN connector electric current runs. If in one case put three LEDs - red, green and blue, by controlling the relative brightness of each of them, perhaps a smooth change of the resulting color of the led. In our store there are many diodes of this type, the so-called RGB. They are different housings, brightness, and, in some cases, a built-in adresowalnym controller digital RGB channels.


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Products by page

The RGB LEDs glow any color

The emission color of the led depends on its construction, and more specifically from the semiconductor material of her plug PN. About the energy emitted from the led elektroluminescencyjnej photon decides the break energy of the material - this affects the wavelength of the photon, that is its color. Like that you can't change the break energy efficiency in the finished diode to control the color of emitted light are used LEDs RGB in one structure this system has three LEDs - red (Red), green (Green), and blue (Blue). The RGB model is addytywnym model, in which the light of red, green and blue can be added for himself to play a wide range of colors.

Control of RGB LEDs - PWM signals

Light emitting diodes are driven by current signal is a current, not applied voltage causes elektroluminescencję connectors PN in led. If current stabilization the simple is the digital test is more complex. Therefore, to control the brightness of LEDs is used instead of the digital controlled current sources, regulators PWM. Such systems modulate the current flowing through the diode signal of a rectangular shape variable load. Adjusting the percentage of time that lights, adjustable brightness - LEDs turn on and off so fast that the human eye does not notice the flicker, but only the average emission rate at the moment.

Addressable RGB LEDs with integrated drivers

The RGB LEDs with integrated controller, it's a smart light source that can be digitally controlled. In one feature, but three LEDs, built-in url trójkanałowy controller LEDs. It has a digital input, which allows the transfer of data and control the relative brightness of each of the integrated LEDs. Moreover, these elements can be connected in cascade. Each driver has a 24-bit buffer hatch that controls the brightness of each led (eight bit per led). Still transmitted via the serial interface to the item data is passed to the next led using only one GPIO line, for example, a microcontroller or computer jednopłytkowego.