A conductor of electricity is a structure capable of letting an electric current pass through it. In many cases, a good conductor of electricity is also a good conductor of heat. In contrast, an electrical insulator is a material that does not allow an electric current to pass through it. Therefore, an insulator is often also a poor conductor of heat. In our Botland store we have all the most important types of electrical conductors: video, audio or power supply. Our wide range of products includes power electrical conductors, data electrical conductors, power electrical conductors, audio electrical conductors and connectors, Qwiic connection electronical conductors, multi-core electrical conductors, service electrical conductors. Each product has been provided with the appropriate specifications explaining its application so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical department will be more than happy to help and advise you.


  • USB cables USB cables

    USB cables are designed for wired communication between two devices. We can use them to quickly and easily connect peripheral devices such as camera, speakers, printer, keyboard or computer mouse to a computer, network charger or TV. With USB cables we can extend the...

  • Wire for supplying Wire for supplying

    Wire for supplying Construction remote-controlled model, the basic unit is a servo, allowing all kinds of movement mechanisms installed in Your model. Serwomechanizmy composed of the drive DC motor, a potentiometer, an internal system that manages the operation of the...

  • Wires to the contact plates Wires to the contact plates

    Wires to the contact plates Create your own system, for example on ceramic tiles, contact often unconsciously we miss about the relationship between the elements is a very important part of the system, without which our model would not work. The choice we have there are...

  • Cables and connectors for audio Cables and connectors for audio

    Cables and connectors for audio Building an extensive set of audio, for example, for our home theater, in addition to end consumers, a very important element are the tubes that we them compatible. It may seem that the type of the wires is negligible that each “will...

  • Cables & connectors video Cables & connectors video

    Cables & connectors video When interior design comes the time of the meeting - in addition to furniture and basic equipment, often we decide on a developed system of video. The most common type are the enlarged sets or home cinema system with a projector. With such...

  • Wire Wire

    Cables, cables, cables… After all, there is no electronics or programmable electronics enthusiast (advanced or amateur) who would not come into contact with these things. Cables are perhaps the most popular element of our boxes with electronic components and accessories.

  • Wire Grove Wire Grove

    Wire Grove Starting your adventure with the world of electronics, it's worth a look in the system Grove. Especially, if the development of systems-based solutions Arduino and Raspberry Pi we want to make a project without spending a fortune. Reaching for the Grove system we...

  • Wire Qwiic Wire Qwiic

    Wire Qwiic Moving on to the world of electronics and working on the system Arduino or Raspberry Pi, sooner or later we will meet with the standard QWIIC developed by SparkFun Colorado in the United States. Using the I2C interface you can connect a lot of sensors, displays,...

  • Test leads Test leads

    Test leads One of the branches of electronics are instrumentation and measurements. In one of our categories of test leads will pick You a variety of probes and cables for their devices, and measuring. They can be completed corner tips, a crocodile or a measuring probe with...

  • Wire jednożyłowe Wire jednożyłowe

    Wire jednożyłowe find very wide application in various electrical installations. Wires can be isolated or without isolation.

  • Wire stranded Wire stranded

    Wire stranded Welcome to the category dedicated lines wielożyłowym that are great for both beginners and experienced fitters and craftsmen in their daily work. In our store Botland we will do our best to offered by us the range was of high quality and can meet Your...

  • Cables, Patch Cord Ethernet Cables, Patch Cord Ethernet

    Patchcord Ethernet cables are the basic elements of a network installation, which are well known to both advanced people and complete laymen. The truth is that there is no network installation without ethernet patchcords. These short, handy Ethernet connection cables are an...

  • Wires and power connectors Wires and power connectors

    Wires and power connectors We invite You to category cables and power connectors, we offer wide range of products of high quality at affordable prices. It offers selected accessories, connectors and cables, chosen for You from hundreds of other, specially for good shopping....

  • Cables and IDC connectors Cables and IDC connectors

    Cables and IDC connectors - IDC Connector is the electrical connection, intended for connection with wires in isolation, positioned tightly next to each other in the form of a tape . IDC connectors can be compression fittings on the lines without removing them from...


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Products by page

Products by page

A variety of electrical conductors

To build your dream project, you need to spend many hours thinking creatively and then find all the necessary elements. If you are already lucky enough to have passed this stage, you should then choose the right electrical conductors, which is one of the most important issues in the practical implementation of the project. Your goal maybe complicated to achieve, but also very simple, i.e. connecting a display or monitor. In that case, check out our range of electrical conductors and video connectors. Audio connectors come in handy when you want to connect audio receivers and USB electrical conductors are ideal for data transfer. In addition, in our store's offer we have collected many models of measurement electrical conductors, which can help you in conducting measurements and measuring values. Check our offer and we are sure that you can find what you need for yourself. All products have been imported from trusted manufacturers and contain detailed specifications to help you choose the right component. In case of any doubts, please contact our technical department.

Electrical conductor for every task and every budget

In our store we want to make sure that the products on offer are prepared for both amateurs and professionals. The same goes for choosing the right electrical conductors for your equipment and your needs. On the list of our products we have prepared the highest quality products from trusted manufacturers, but still at an affordable price. In this category you can find various types of USB electrical conductors and IDC electrical conductors and connectors. With such a wide selection, you can surely find all the components you are looking for. The products selected by us have gained the trust and appreciation of customers from around the world. Therefore, we guarantee satisfaction with the purchase and long-term operation of the product. If you have any questions or concerns, please take contact our technical department. Botland shop has been on the market for many years, and the people who create it are united by a passion for electronics. Let us share it with you!

The important role of electrical conductors

Today, every area of our life requires the supply of electricity or telecommunication signal. Although we have been transmitting information wirelessly for years, we can't count on wireless power transmission for now. That is why we are surrounded by kilometers of wires outside our homes and companies. They are still in use - after all, electricity does not stop flowing. They are often exposed to extreme temperatures or placed in very unfriendly environments. That is why it is worth taking care that all types of electrical installations are made of appropriate materials. Remember - the quality of the conductors used for the installation has a huge impact on the life span and safety of operation. The use of unsuitable raw materials significantly reduces the lifetime of the cable (the process of ageing of insulating and sheathing materials) and the safety of its operation. To sum up - the use of good quality conductors, made according to appropriate standards by a renowned manufacturer, guarantees failure-free and environmentally safe operation of the installation. And here at Botland store, you can find products provided by the world’s most trusted leaders in electronics!