Resistor packs

Resistor packs - Resistor (resistor) is the simplest and most popular passive element used in electronic circuits. Putting it in the right place, you can change the current by adjusting them according to the needs of your device. The resistor works linearly the voltage drop directly proportional to the current passing through a resistor. The energy that the resistor stops is given in the form of thermal radiation. Botland store offers sets of resistors are prepared by experienced professionals in the field of electronics.


RLC - Tolerance
RLC - Resistance
RLC - Capacity

Resistor packs

A resistor is an element, e, which can reduce the value of the current flowing in the circuit. The resistors differ, first and foremost, resistance, dimensions and method of installation (SMD - surface, or TNT - przewlekany). Their resistance can be easily increased, just by placing them in series in the circuit the resistance will be as much as is the sum of the resistances of the individual components.

The use of resistors

A resistor is an element that is used in almost any electronics. Opening any electronic device with an open charge, you can easily find soldered resistors. One of the first tasks for beginners in electronics is to pick up a resistor of the appropriate resistance. given the power settings (for example, 9 V battery) and the LED. Then using contact plates and connecting wires, you can check the correctness of completed tasks - the led should illuminate brightly, but not warm, and burn. To acquire such skills, you need to study Ohm's law, which tells about the proportionality of the current from the voltage in the conductor. For this type of learning is particularly well suited to the elements, made for mounting THT (problems). Components can easily be mounted on the circuit Board contact and test various solutions without the need for constant in przelutowywania on the tracks printed. Elements of THT proven themselves also in prototyping electronic circuits in the plate butt, as well as in devices in which miniaturization is not important. In turn, the resistors manufactured in the SMD technology function better in final versions of electronic devices (due to the much smaller amount of occupied space).

What do we offer?

Often when creating a project and testing of the electronic circuitry is that not enough resistors in the appropriate values. Regardless of whether you are a professional elektronikiem, or just learn or take it as a hobby is that you escorted to the stock resistors with different values. The store offers sets of resistors with a dozen or several dozen different sizes, each of which occurs in a few dozen arts - due to the fact that the price in terms of one instance, is very attractive. There are resistors przewlekane tolerance of 5% or the surface (SMD 0805 and SMD 603). Items are well described, which facilitates the quick finding of appropriate values.