Current sensors

A number of such important variables measured as voltage, power or resistance, to describe the phenomena occurring in electric circuits, it is necessary to determine the parameters of the current. Modern measuring technique allows accurate and fast measurement of voltage of direct and alternating current correct and incorrect forms of current. For this purpose, the developed measuring devices which are based on the schema of magnetic and electronic components that allow to obtain information on the value of the current flowing in the circuit. Shop Botland provides meters and current sensors, which can provide elements for building a comprehensive measurement system.

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Measurement of current strength - how to do it?

When it is necessary to perform measurement of current in an electrical circuit, attached under tension, it is necessary to strictly observe safety rules to avoid electric shock and damage to the circuit elements. First of all, do not touch uninsulated circuit elements that are or can be energized as a result of incorrect connection. You should also apply the principle of limited trust in strangers and animals, to prevent external contact with parts under voltage. If we want to measure current, you must disconnect the circuit from the supply voltage and in the case of circuits with capacitors - wait a few minutes after turning off to discharge. With the direct inclusion of the ammeter into the circuit, you must determine which element we want to measure the amperage. Then, please, build measuring to connect in series with this element. If the current flowing in the circuit exceeds the permissible measurement range of our sensor, connect the voltage divider, the inductive current transformer or a semiconductor sensor. The obtained measurement data can be transferred to the analog input in the Arduino, with which you can implement, for example, the overcurrent protection control relay, or measuring system control of electricity consumption.

A wide selection of instruments for measuring current

Sensor modules from Polou used to measure current phenomenon of the Hall. With their help, you can control the power consumption of the receivers to detect the load connected to the network, and implement a protection against short circuit and overload. Analog output module sensitive Polou, you can connect to Arduino to read the voltage odwzorowującego current in the circuit. If you want to measure current in different parts of the circuit, a good solution is to use sensor SCT 013-030, which provides measurement of the current power supply AC current values up to 30A without the need to detach the studied circuit. Built-in magnetowód and load resistance, to allow the sensor output, the analog voltage value from 0V to 1V, which allows connecting the sensor to the analog input of the BeagleBone computer. To connect to the current sensor with the chosen measurement system, you must use a TRS connector Jack 3.5 mm.