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Voltage regulators - Currently, almost every family has at least one car. On the roads it is seen that machines are more tube work extends itself to infinity, and Parking spaces as the cure. Who, however, knows the ins and outs of the car? The knowledge of many people ends with refueling vehicles, changing oil and fluids for the washer. In addition, of course, be sure to support radio, because without it, as without hands. Not everyone loves and can sing. Few people know that there is such a thing as voltage regulators. You can find them in any car that has a internal combustion engine. This is very important, even a key element of the battery charging system. It is also worth exploring knowledge about it.


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  • Converters step-up Converters step-up

    Converter step-up (eng. step-up converter ) is a Converter of energoelektronicznym, which has the task to increase DC voltage (DC) from a source, receiving the output, respectively, of high constant voltage to consumers. Construction of power supply units, the pulse network...

  • Converters step-down Converters step-down

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    A linear stabilizer is a simple electronic component for voltage regulation - regulates the output voltage to a certain level. Electronics can't do without this item, as it very often is used to stabilize the supply voltage. A voltage stabilizer is essential equipment in...

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    In this category we offer transformers. This name comes from the Latin transformare, means to convert. It converts electrical voltage to recharge the selected components that have different voltage than the output. Here you will find high-quality transformers with different...


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Products by page

How it works voltage regulator?

Voltage regulators are designed to maintain constant voltage, which is produced through the generator or generators. They work correctly when regardless of the engine operation is at low or high rpm – the voltage should be the same. The difference should not be more than 0.5 V. an example would be to take several actions simultaneously, for example, the air conditioning, the inclusion of beam and connect the phone for charging in the car. All this together can cause fluctuations in the voltage level at the regulator.

Make sure that the voltage regulator is malfunctioning

First check the correct operation of the voltage regulator, should be conducted with the engine running. As obvious and simple, but can they back you in a corner. To control will need equipment such as a multimeter or voltomierz. This may sound like black magic, but as I already zgłębimy a bit loose, it will be just like a piece of cake. Namely, we should check whether the current from the generator to the voltage regulator. The next step is to check or voltage is passed through a suitable regulator. If this step does not work, it means that upon the failure of the regulator. But if no current flows from the generator, it means that it is damaged.

Hunter controllers

To avoid quick breakage or too great a voltage difference of, should buy a voltage regulator from a trusted source. Our store offers products of the highest quality, as we are passionate about electronics and we don't use something. Here you will find diagrams step-up, step-down, step-up/step-down shunt voltage regulators and more. Moreover, we have products such as converters, whose output is the USB connector, so that they can be further used as a charger for phones.