Voltage regulators

Take care higher the quality of the equipment, using the best components, providing the perfect design and materials that will satisfy the highest demands. Botland is a guarantee of satisfaction and wide range of choice – we have voltage regulators for all applications.


  • Step-up / step-down converters Step-up / step-down converters

    Converters operating with input voltage that is less than, equal to, or higher than the output voltage. Especially useful for working with batteries.

  • Step-up converters Step-up converters

    Converters increase the voltage.

  • Step-down converters Step-down converters

    Almost all devices and electrical systems need fuses and systems governing job – step down converters are one of such elements, without which the functioning of many devices may be impossible or dangerous.

  • High power converters High power converters

    Converters pulse of high power, above 100 V, step-up and step-down voltage.

  • Shunt voltage regulators Shunt voltage regulators

    Voltage regulators with resistance bocznikową protects the power supply from power surges caused by, for example, drivers of the engines to which they are connected.

  • Step-up / step-down integrated circuits Step-up / step-down integrated circuits
  • Stabilizatory liniowe Stabilizatory liniowe

    Requires very few external components. Have lower efficiency than switching converters.

  • Transformers Transformers

    Equipment for tranformacji voltage, for example 230 V and 12 V.


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Products by page

Products by page

Monitoring, communications, automotive and household equipment – which will not come, there is a voltage regulator

The cigarette lighter socket in the car, keep the voltage at 24V, but you need 12V for proper operation of the instruments? Quietly and we have an external voltage regulator, which is available in our store. Internal module-this small element is mounted almost all the tools and objects that feed electricity to more complex structures may require different voltages for the individual components responsible for specific tasks, for example, each TV is equipped with speakers that represent the outer contour connected with that is responsible, in particular, for image. He may, however, require different voltages, so it needs an additional module dealing with the reduction of the regulated output voltage. Similarly looks the issue of installing video surveillance or advanced systems, and the only difference are the values chosen by the customers. We also voltage regulators step-up, whose task is, inter alia, increase or equalization of the input voltage (e.g. the input voltage is 2.5 V, it is regulated that the output voltage was 9 V).

Voltage regulators, that is, the basic amenities of designers

Lovers of constructions, based on intelligent modules for the Raspberry or Arduino, can their projects be improved in the minutest details, so their work was perfect, and the use of comfort and, first and foremost, safe. The use of voltage regulators and fuses, it is inevitable, especially in complex systems where several modules responsible for different tasks. We encourage everyone to familiarize with the offer of our shop. Everyone will find outdoor voltage regulators, and small modules for self-Assembly in their systems – we have products, step-up, step-down and step-up/step-downto every blended to order for their individual needs.

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