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Cars are becoming an increasingly common means of transport. In fact, every person at some stage in their life has experience with using a car and must learn how to operate it at least in the basic sense. Many of us can refuel the car, change oil and windscreen washer fluid. We can also handle the radio receiver in the car and we know how to lower or raise the windows. But let's try to remember all the situations when something in our car didn't work and we had no idea what it was about. In such situations we need the support of a specialist. In the long run, however, it is worthwhile to take an interest in deepening our knowledge of how the car works. One of the most important elements in the car is voltage regulator, which is responsible for battery charging systems. Learning about voltage regulators can have a significant impact on your car's handling skills.


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Products by page

How does the voltage regulator work?

A voltage regulator is an electronic or electromechanical system that is used as an element in the battery charging system in motor vehicles. Its task is to keep the voltage generated by the generator or alternator constant despite changes in engine speed. In practice, the voltage is not maintained at a constant level, but to a certain extent, depending mainly on the generator speed, alternator load and current-voltage characteristics of the battery. Adjustment is done by changing the excitation current of the generator. In electro-mechanical systems impulse regulation is used with three levels of excitation (full, partial, off). The electronic circuits use pulsed switching on and off of the excitation current, depending on the voltage at the generator output. In current alternator designs, the voltage regulator together with the brush holding elements forms a whole and is part of the alternator. It is important to recognize at what point the failure may occur.

Check that the voltage regulator works properly

A universal meter or voltmeter is used to control the operation of this component. They help to measure two issues: whether a current is coming from the alternator to the regulator and whether the regulator output generates the correct charging voltage. Please note that checking its operation is only possible with the motor running. In addition, although it may seem that the universal meter is a simple and inexpensive device, there are a few important points to bear in mind. The meter must be correctly set to display reliable results of the voltage control, and, in addition, when checking the regulator, it is important to set the meter to an appropriate DC value. The voltage of this element should be measured in every possible wire configuration. You can check whether its value is correct by comparing its result with the manufacturer's information contained in the service booklet of the car. When replacing the voltage regulator, make sure you have done the research on how to do it and which components can work properly with your car.

Hunting for regulators

When choosing a replacement regulator, it is worthwhile to explore the subject and approach the exchange with care. The regulator should be compatible with our car model and with the trust of customers already gained. Apart from that, it may be essential that it comes from a proven source. In our Botland shop you can find a wide range of top quality regulators, which have been carefully selected from best manufacturers. Botland employees are also passionate about electronics and motoring, so it is extremely important for us to recommend equipment worthy of attention and its price. In our offer you can find step-up, step-down, step-up/step-down systems, bypass voltage regulators and many other products that can be helpful when replacing the regulator. In addition, you can find in our shop converters with USB output, which can be additionally used as phone chargers. Check our offer and you can certainly find what you are looking for - in the best value for money.