The accessories for distance sensors

Applying in their projects, distance sensors, remember that the proposal Botland we have prepared for You the accessories for distance sensors such as cables, adapters, cards, and pens, making it much easier to work on Your designs. Get pre-made wires complete with connectors of type JST and free wires or caps. With beautiful fixtures and knobs dedicated to specific models of sensors provide reliable fastening. We invite you to familiarize with our offer!


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The accessories for distance sensors

Cables and adapters

Application in electronic circuits of the sensors is associated in most cases with the need to install the sensor at a distance from the control unit (microcontroller, computer, controller), which is responsible for reading and processing signals from the sensor that will be used as input for the control algorithm. Therefore requires the use of wires. Therefore we offer You special accessories for distance sensors in the form of finished wires. You will find wire with connector of type JST 3x1 completed tips for men, women or free wires to connect any connector or direct przylutowania. JST connectors have a pitch of 2 mm and is compatible with the Sharp distance sensors – for example, GP2Y0A51. To save You time in setting up wires to a standard connector pitch 2.54 mm, occurring in most of the sets row (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), we have for You the adapter is completed from one side of the JST connector and the other connector with pitch 2.54 mm.

Holders, stands and mounts

A very important element in electronic circuits that include distance sensors mounts, stands and holders. In the case of the distance measurement is very important to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of measurements by the sensors. Botland made sure that this type of accessories for distance sensors were within Your reach.