Accessories for rechargeable batteries

Are you designing and creating a robot or device that needs power to work properly? Then you need a battery, which in turn will be stable in place, and fixed in place. There are mounting elements for batteries in our offer, among which you will find baskets for batteries and cables. In addition, we have containers designed for safe transport of batteries, so they are protected against possible mechanical damage. Voltage indicators deserve special attention, as well as all kinds of devices used for measuring current load. With them you can control the level of battery charge and recharge them at the right time. This way you avoid surprises in the form of discharging the battery and stopping the device at an unexpected moment.


  • Separators for batteries Separators for batteries

    Are you designing an electronic device? It will probably be powered by batteries or accumulators, which must be placed in the right place for the whole device to work. There are special containers for this purpose, also known as holders. They consist of several separate cells,...

  • Velcro for battery Velcro for battery

    Batteries such as lithium-ion (Li-ion), and from them the modern lithium-polymer (Li-Po) or lithium-iron-fosforanowe (life) is the most popular currently the power sources of the devices. Thanks to its compact size and relatively low weight they meet the expectations of both...

  • Bags packs a li and a half Bags packs a li and a half

    With the development of industry, portable electronic devices must also become more modern methods of supply. At the beginning of the electronics manufacturers themselves zachwycili Li-ion batteries (Li-Ion), which was soon supplanted by more modern and more durable lithium...

  • Indicators discharge Indicators discharge

    Discharge of the battery or batteries in the device they are using is one of those situations that, while inevitable and obvious – will be able to surprise people, even the most involving. If the mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops are equipped with...

  • Connectors for batteries Connectors for batteries

    Batteries require different types of contact elements to connect their findings with with rated for electronics. In some cases it is enough to contact with the flexible sheet metal, soldered directly on the PCB of the device. However, in many cases, the specialized connectors...

Products by page

Products by page

Check our range of battery accessories. Take advantage of useful and practical elements, thanks to which you can fit the battery to your device or robot in a quick and safe way.

Battery installation

When designing an electronic device, we must remember that it should have a power source, especially if we care about its mobility. This includes robots and portable devices. This requires us to mount the battery in the device and stabilize it properly so that it remains in place and does not change its position during operation. For the assembly of batteries, among other things, the assembly baskets are designed. We have to adjust them to the type of batteries, which differ in size and shape. Baskets with and without cover are available in the shop, as well as special models with a practical switch. Particularly noteworthy are sockets with one to six cells. It is also worth using Velcro fasteners, with which you can attach the battery in a non-invasive way, increasing its stability. Velcro is self-adhesive or has a special buckle. For welding the cells we use special tapes.

To connect the power supply to the device, you will need wires and connectors, which you will also buy in Botland store. You can choose from the commonly known crocodiles, electric cubes and banana connectors. We also recommend adapters, clips and quick connectors gel. Battery installation significantly determines the quality and performance of the device. It also affects its lifetime, so it is worth to mount the battery well in the device, remembering to secure and stabilize its position.

Battery transportation

Batteries and accumulators must be provided with suitable conditions during transport to preserve their properties and to protect them from possible damage. For this purpose, special containers and bags shall be used that are adapted to the size and shape of the respective AA and AAA batteries. In addition, we also have bags adapted to transport Li-Pol packages. They are made of high quality materials with fire resistant properties. They protect the batteries from moisture and sunlight. Moreover, even in the case of unfavourable conditions and the occurrence of ignition, the bags effectively protect against the spread of fire and thus minimize the risk of fire.

The bags are sealed so that no oxygen, which is the trigger for the fire, reaches inside. It should be remembered that this type of protection is not only a matter of our own safety, but also that of other travellers, such as planes, buses and trains.

Have you already chosen a battery and now you need to install it properly in your device or robot? Take advantage of our range of mounting accessories, which include special baskets in various sizes and practical Velcro fasteners. If you transport batteries or Li-Pol packages separately, protect them from mechanical damage and take care of your own and other travellers' safety by packing them in special bags and containers.