Accessories for rechargeable batteries

In this category we offer a wide range of accessories for accumulators and batteries. Here, among other things, separators for batteries, Velcro for batteries, protective bags and boxes for transport, indicators of discharge, as well as a wide variety of connectors and wires.


  • Separators for batteries Separators for batteries

    Separators for batteries or storage batteries-are elements of construction, which placed the power of the link. As a rule, take the form of small boxes with a dedicated order on a separate battery and terminal in the form of wires or ground them yourself to solder. In this...

  • Velcro for battery Velcro for battery

    Batteries such as lithium-ion (Li-ion), and from them the modern lithium-polymer (Li-Po) or lithium-iron-fosforanowe (life) is the most popular currently the power sources of the devices. Thanks to its compact size and relatively low weight they meet the expectations of both...

  • Bags packs a li and a half Bags packs a li and a half

    With the development of industry, portable electronic devices must also become more modern methods of supply. At the beginning of the electronics manufacturers themselves zachwycili Li-ion batteries (Li-Ion), which was soon supplanted by more modern and more durable lithium...

  • Indicators discharge Indicators discharge

    Discharge of the battery or batteries in the device they are using is one of those situations that, while inevitable and obvious – will be able to surprise people, even the most involving. If the mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops are equipped with status...

  • Connectors for batteries Connectors for batteries

    Batteries require different types of contact elements to connect their findings with with rated for electronics. In some cases it is enough to contact with the flexible sheet metal, soldered directly on the PCB of the device. However, in many cases, the specialized connectors...

Products by page

Products by page

Accessories for rechargeable batteries

The range of our store you will find many accessories designed for batteries and accumulators of different types. We offer mounting components, including wires and separators for batteries, and containers for the transportation and other accessories, for example, voltage indicators and tools for measuring the load current.

Mounting accessories

We offer a wide selection of accessories that facilitate the placement and stabilize the battery in place. Here, incidentally, the separators installation on common batteries. There are nests for the battery is equipped with from one to six of the target, and the model with the switch or lid. We provide Velcro fastening for batteries (self-adhesive or buckle) and tape for welding units. In our range you will also find wires and connectors batteries that enable them to quickly and efficiently connect power to the device or meter in this subcategory are available popular crocodile and the connectors for the Phono stage, as well as the electric cubes with a different number of pins, gel couplers, adapters, clamps for the battery dziewięciowoltowych and many other products.

Transportation of batteries

Transportation of batteries in the correct conditions to preserve their properties and protect them from damage. In our assortment you will find special containers for transporting common types of batteries and accumulators (in particular, size AA or AAA), as well as bags and packs, Li and a half. Remember that the packaging that's not all - it is very important to protect the battery from direct sunlight, strong impact, high temperature and moisture.