• Accessories for batteries

    Accessories for batteries, such as: connectors, voltage, baskets and containers.

  • Li-Pol batteries

    A powerful battery composed of lithium polymer.

  • Li-Ion batteries

    Batteries li-on is the lithium-ion batteries used primarily in various kinds of electronic equipment. We have them, by the way, mobile phones, laptops and other mobile devices. This alternative to batteries ołowiano-acid batteries, which is characterized by much larger...

  • Li-Fe batteries


  • Ni-MH batteries

    Popular batteries Nickel-cadmium in the form of packets and a battery size popular battery palszków.

  • Gel batteries

    Batteries high load capacity, high capacity, and high self weight.

  • Batteries

    Popular batteries to power electronic devices, including robots and modules. In offer you will find, in particular, popular sticks, batteries for watches, so-called pills and much more.

  • Chargers

    The chargers are currently the main equipment of each of us. All of us wireless mobile phones, and most laptops, myszkami and keyboards that use battery. The world and people do not like restrictions, and power leads-one of them! If you are looking for chargers for...

  • Mobile batteries - PowerBank

    Mobile battery PowerBank for charging phones, tablets and other devices.

  • Power modules

    Modules with voltage regulators for power electronic circuits.

  • Solar panels

    Panel contains solar cells that take energy from the sun

  • Power Supplies

    Power supply dogniazdkowe, Assembly, laboratory to run electronic modules, robots, minicomputers, etc.

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Products by page