Time relay

Programmers surround us in life more commonly than one might think. When you come back after a hard day's work and eat a delicious dinner in a quiet family atmosphere, the last thing you want to do is to wash the pile of dishes that is left. In return, you use a dishwasher setting that makes sure to perform a night program at a certain time so you can enjoy the sight of crystal-clear dishes in the morning. Although we rarely think about it, programmers are an important part of our lives. They control the heating in the apartment, the air purification devices, and the appropriate type of washing for laundry. Programming machines to perform specific tasks at specific times is very important in the field of robotics and electronics. Using these kind of devices you are able to plan your day and activities – just set an hour you want some to be launched then. It is these devices that greatly facilitate daily activities and bring order to our daily schedule. In the Botland store we have prepared many programmers which differ in function and specification depending on what you are looking for.

Use of the programmers

In electronics, a programmer is a device that allows the programming of electronic components. This device is used to change the state of non-volatile memories of a programmable logic circuit such as PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, PIC3 and Flashes. Programmers are usually connected to a computer running programming software. It configures the interface, begins programming, and transfers the data (usually contained in an Intel HEX or SREC file. Programmers are primarily used to program electronic systems such as robots, automation systems and simple mechanisms. By robots, we can understand all household appliances and electronics. Each of them needs individual programming, which gives them specific functions and properties. It is the programmers that make a device work the way it does. Therefore, this is one of the most important fields in electronics and robotics. In our Botland store we have prepared a wide variety of components to help you program robots and electronic systems according to your design and needs.

A perfect programmator to suit your needs

It may sound quite obvious, but it is still worth remembering that when building your project, you need to be aware of what components and subassemblies are essential for its implementation. It is valid for many reasons and one of them being that this allows you to choose the right programmer. One of the most important issues is to determine which systems it should work with: Windows, Mac OS or Linux. That's why when you are planning a purchase, it's worth to be after proper research. In our offer we have prepared many models of programmers compatible with not only Arduino, but also other trusted developers of microcontrollers. If you feel that you don't have enough experience or simply have any questions or doubts, don't hesitate to contact our technical department. In Botland store we are still trying to expand both the range of products and knowledge of our employees. We will be more than happy to help and advise you.

The challenges of robotics and electronics

In the beginning, the adventure with electronics and robotics is a great challenge. Not everything is simple and effortless, and some issues may seem problematic and impassable. But there is a bright side to it, because sometimes problems are a priceless experience. Not only do they give you an opportunity to learn, but a problematic issue can also arouse your interest, like a puzzle to solve. It can push you forward in the process of gaining knowledge and valuable experience. This is what proves that the world of robotics is extremely fascinating and full of possibilities, where you are limited only by your own imagination. In our offer we have selected the best products that can help you to achieve your dream goal and build the project you dreamed of. In our Botland store we have also prepared many categories, where you can find learning materials and helpful especially for beginners who want to repeat what they have learned. Check out our offer and find out that the adventure with electronics is worth starting now!