Time relay

Time relay - Finished dinner with his wife, dopijacie wine and talking. At the same time, dirty dishes, eh, don't know, for the dishwasher, and you install one and program night mode so that in the morning to have pozmywane utensils. It's such a daily action that each of us performs the installation of the dishwasher, and it's nothing like the use of the programmer so that the robot knew what and when needs to be done. Of course, this is only a simple example, but the car has long been help us in daily duties, and we have correctly programmed.

The programmer – how to use it?

Time relay, as its name indicates, helps in the programming of electronic systems, such as the previously mentioned dishwasher. Creating robots, automation systems or simple mechanisms to work as intended, you must use the programmer. Robots are not only provided samples, but also household APPLIANCES, and although they are all similar to each other, each needs a different approach, equipped with different functions and properties. Time relay will help to configure so that the robot cleaner British acted like a robot British.

The choice of the programmer

Visiting our store to purchase the programmer, it is necessary to know what elements and components you exploited for the construction of the project, to be able to pick up a cooperating programmer. You should also pay attention to which systems are running, whether Windows, or maybe Linux or Mac Os. In our assortment You will find a programmer that is compatible with Arduino and other popular mikrokontrolerami. Sounds complicated? Please email our support team, and our team lovers of electronics and diy, who themselves do the programming, with pleasure will help You.

The problems of the world of electronics.

When you do electronics, or robotics is, of course, in the beginning, you will encounter many puzzles and problems. Do not worry, because the world of robots, this world is very interesting and full of possibilities, and today's technology allows the development and implementation of projects, limiting us only by the imagination. Check out our offer on electronic accessories, including, for example, a time relay that will allow you to create a system that will work exactly as you have created. We also invite you to the Department where You will find many materials useful not only in the beginning, but will help to strengthen knowledge or to learn new skills.