Motor drivers and servos

Even after just having started an adventure of learning about robotics and electronics, you can already pay attention to some basic aspects of designing. One of them is that when you start to build a project of a system that includes a motor or servo, you need a control element to organize the device’s work. For this purpose, our Botland store has prepared a category where you can find Engine Control Elements (ECUs) for both motors and servo. In our offer you can find an extremely wide range of ECUs, which, depending on the model, give you the ability to control different robots. We made sure that the products are of the highest quality and come from trusted manufacturers. If you are looking for a ECU for yourself, you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. Each product comes with a description and specification that can help you make the right choice. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our technical department, which will be more than happy to help you.


  • Drivers DC motors Drivers DC motors

    Significant progress in power electronics has made that a constant current can be changed by different methods using semiconductor elements that find wide application in electric DC motors, which are more and more often we can meet for both Amateur and professional. Starting...

  • Drivers for supply Drivers for supply

    Drivers servos are very important elements of the management system serwomechanizmami . A typical design of servo is based on several elements, which include the motor, the feedback system and the driver. Circuit driver, the feedback system gives information about the...

  • Drivers stepper motors Drivers stepper motors

    In Botland you will find easy-to-use, stable and precise stepper motors drivers. These are intelligent and innovative PVC plates that enable the professional use of stepper motors in CNC devices (e.g. in 3D printers and plotters). Stepper motors are commonly used in such...

  • Motor drivers bezszczotkowych Motor drivers bezszczotkowych

    Thanks to the development of modern electronic motor drivers bezszczotkowych have many additional features designed a complex system this type of engines. They have many advantages such as high torque, independent of current speed, engine speed, and a high ratio of...

  • The device drivers are linear The device drivers are linear

    A linear actuator is an actuator that produces motion in a straight line. This movement is progressive, in contrast to the rotational motion of a conventional electric motor. There are many mechanisms to convert the rotational motion of a conventional electric motor in the...


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Products by page

Products by page

Base which is essential to progress further

Beginners may not know this, but the more advanced the user becomes in robotics and electronics, the better he or she knows how important a controller is for both the engine and servo. Therefore, we encourage you to see the offer of the Botland store. We put a great emphasis on the fact that you have to choose the best ECUs that have already gained the trust of customers. It is worth to choose the highest quality products to significantly reduce the time spent on developing the drive. This allows you to gain more space where you can focus on other aspects important to your project, and therefore advance it further. Bear in mind that we make every effort to make our list include manufacturers whose products have gained worldwide recognition. By choosing products from our Botland store you can be sure that you get the satisfaction with your purchase and your project can gain and develop further.

Variety of models for every purpose, for every project

We realize that different projects require different ECUs. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that our offer includes a variety of ECUs, among which each user can be able to find a product for himself. This applies to both learners and more advanced users who know what they are looking for. In our offer we have prepared controllers for DC motors, i.e. machines that are radio-controlled. Moreover, you can find stepper controllers, which you can apply to all machines with rotating motors. Linear controllers can be ideal for machines operating with progressive motion. Brushless controllers are used in devices such as optical disks, hard disks and even electric scooters. The variety of our products is vast, and each of them is provided with the appropriate specification and short description. They all come from proven manufacturers and their quality has won the trust of customers all over the world. Check our offer and find out that we have what you need.

Drivers are the heart, engines are the muscles.

Motors and servo need ECUs to manage their work, just as muscles need a heart pumping blood to them. An ECU is literally an engine control unit, and so as the name suggests, its main function is to manage the entire machine. So you could say in a way that the ECU is the heart of the machine, thanks to which the engines receive commands to move. One example of this can be the combustion engine with fuel injection. It is worth noting that such a solution is more economical than a carburetor, and also more safe. Everything happens thanks to the controller, which determines the limit of high revolutions, and when this value is exceeded, it cuts off the fuel injection. The ECU can also determine the appropriate dose of fuel to ensure that there is no need to use suction. In conclusion, without the ECU, the machine cannot function properly. So check our offer now and choose the perfect components for your project.