Motor drivers and servos

Motor drivers and servos, Each master or elektronik knows that building a layout that has the engine and the servo will need the item to control their work and here there are drivers for the motors and servos. Our product range includes a wide selection of all kinds of drivers, providing the ability to control our robot, or a model. View in this section, you will definitely find the right item for your system, and in case of doubt our technical Department is at Your disposal.


  • Drivers DC motors Drivers DC motors

    Significant progress in power electronics has made that a constant current can be changed by different methods using semiconductor elements that find wide application in electric DC motors, which are more and more often we can meet for both Amateur and professional. Starting...

  • Drivers for supply Drivers for supply

    Drivers servos are very important elements of the management system serwomechanizmami . A typical design of servo is based on several elements, which include the motor, the feedback system and the driver. Circuit driver, the feedback system gives information about the...

  • Drivers stepper motors Drivers stepper motors

    Drivers stepping motors In Botland you will find easy to use, stable and accurate drivers for use of stepper motors in CNC devices (including 3D printers and plotters), small projects in the field of automation, robotics, keyboards, measurement devices and projects,...

  • Motor drivers bezszczotkowych Motor drivers bezszczotkowych

    Thanks to the development of modern electronic motor drivers bezszczotkowych have many additional features designed a complex system this type of engines. They have many advantages such as high torque, independent of current speed, engine speed, and a high ratio of...

  • The device drivers are linear The device drivers are linear

    A linear actuator is an actuator that produces motion in a straight line. This movement is progressive, in contrast to the rotational motion of a conventional electric motor. There are many mechanisms to convert the rotational motion of a conventional electric motor in the...


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Products by page

Products by page

Without it-anywhere.

Having had some experience in the field of robotics and electronics, we understand that each motor or servo needed for operation of the driver. Through the use of drivers from our shop, You have confidence, high quality and reduce work time required to develop the drive to be able to focus on other aspects of your project. The categories in our store we supply well-known electronics manufacturers that guarantee the pleasure of shopping and allows you to work more efficiently.

A wide selection of.

On offer are Botland motor drivers and servos, give you the opportunity to find the right driver for your mechanism. We offer drivers for DC motors (all cars are controlled by radio), step (all cars with engine rotation), linear (machine operating with pre-movement) or bezszczotkowych (devices such as optical drives, hard drives, or even electric scooters), in short, for every good thing.

Drivers are the heart, the engines are muscles.

Motor drivers and servos is the basic unit to control the operation of the selected engine, without it anywhere. Driver with English. ECU – engine control unit) or ECM – engine control module is an electronic device that is the heart of this machine, due to which the muscles, there are engines, they know how and when to move. An example is the internal combustion engine with fuel injection. This type of engine is more economical than gaźnikowy, at the same time much safer. The controller does not allow high speed and automatically shuts down the fuel injection. The ECU also selects the necessary amount of fuel, eliminating the need for the application of suction.