Drivers for motors and servos

Modules to control DC motors, motors krokowymi and serwomechanizmami.


  • DC Motor controllers DC Motor controllers

    Modules and chips to upgrade systems that use a microcontroller.

  • Servo controlers Servo controlers

    Layouts and modules to control serwomechanizmami modelarskimi.

  • Stepper motor controllers Stepper motor controllers

    The use of stepper motors allows for precise and effective operation of machines. We offer controllers that allow you to control two-phase and four-phase stepper motors. In addition, stepper motor controllers from our offer have the ability to control motors supplied...

  • BLDC motor controlers BLDC motor controlers

    Controllers of BLDC motors.

  • Linear actuators controllers Linear actuators controllers

    Drivers for linear actuators used in automated gates and appliances.


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