Distance sensors

The digital and analog sensors to measure the distance.



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Products by page

Products by page

Distance sensor – automation in every home

Of course, you know, items such as vacuum cleaners automatic, unattended care about the cleanliness of Your home. It is already a few years a hit in the market of equipment for cinema, because it reduces clean up time and gives users a large number of responsibilities in addition you can always enjoy the clean floors. The whole system is based on sensors and intelligent systems that can sometimes fail. If only possible, is to take to repair, because the auto-cleaner still does not apply to the budget.

In our store you will find, in particular, digital distance sensors, ultrasonic model, analog or laser scanners. We also have the necessary accessories for distance sensorsthat will make it easier to use their functionality. We invite you to ensure that everyone got acquainted with our offers personally – every day we take care to ensure that the ordered equipment is guaranteed as much fun.

The use of distance sensors in the automotive industry

Do you know how to operate the basic Parking system? They use distance sensors to inform the driver of how far away from obstacles that may hit. In new car models, this range is set currently in the standard versions. Users of older cars need not worry that they have a difficult task because with the help of distance sensors, which are available in our store, you can create an advanced Parking system.

See for yourself how quickly you can improve the comfort of driving and ease of Parking! With available products in this category is very simple.