Distance sensors

When you need to precisely determine the distance at which an object is located or you want to be informed when the sensor detects an approaching object, you need a specialized sensor. In this case, the distance sensor is the ideal detector for you and your project. Be sure to check out this product category - this is where we put all the best distance sensors!


  • The accessories for distance sensors The accessories for distance sensors

    Applying in their projects, distance sensors, remember that the proposal Botland we have prepared for You the accessories for distance sensors such as cables, adapters, cards, and pens, making it much easier to work on Your designs. Get pre-made wires complete with connectors...

  • Analog distance sensors Analog distance sensors

    Analog distance sensors In the structures of different types of vehicles, drones and robots, a very useful feature is the ability to detect obstacles on the route, or track way. The ideal solution in such systems would be analog distance sensors with analog output. Botland...

  • Digital distance sensors Digital distance sensors

    In a large part of the technological processes taking place in many factories and other objects of an industrial nature, include the monitoring of the correctness and effectiveness of the results of the process in real time in accordance with its design settings. An example...

  • Ultrasonic distance sensors Ultrasonic distance sensors

    A number of sensors for measuring distances using infrared light or a laser beam is provided ultrasonic distance sensors that are used in various automated applications. Their task is the detection of objects and measuring distance to them. Ultrasonic sensors are used for the...

  • Laser scanners Laser scanners

    A revolution in the field of optical sensors was the use of a laser as a light source. The laser uses the phenomenon of stimulated emission, thanks to which the radiation produced by it is very coherent and has the form of a beam with very low scattering. Lasers are now a...


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Products by page

Products by page

The Botland store offers a wide variety of distance sensors. Many of these devices can detect objects even over a hundred meters. Fast and accurate measurement will allow you to precisely determine the distance and check the correctness of the data. The distance sensor is a device with a very versatile application. It will come in handy when you are building a hobby project to protect your property. Buy this sensor if you want your robot to be able to precisely distinguish distances between things. Equip yourself with such sensors if you are looking for the appropriate equipment for production lines and related applications for your company. Check our assortment now and match the necessary sensor to your project.

Measure distances accurately and conveniently wherever you need to

During construction or renovation it is important that the distances are well and precisely measured. It does not matter if you are buying a new apartment and need to measure the rooms, or you need sensors for more advanced and professional applications. In our store you will find devices that will allow for precise and convenient measurements.

There are various types of laser meters available on the market, but a real electronics engineer and DIY enthusiast can make such a meter by himself. If you also think about it, be sure to buy a distance sensor. The distance sensors available in our store are of the highest quality and at very affordable prices, which allows you to design your own rangefinder, and the satisfaction of creating your own device is priceless.

Check also the subcategories available on this page such as: sensor accessories, analog distance sensors, digital distance sensors, ultrasonic distance detectors, laser scanners. We invite all enthusiasts of building their own machines

How does the distance sensor work?

Distance sensors in our store are a large department - and it is hardly surprising. It is a very comprehensive and extensive category that includes many different types of devices. In Botland you will find various types of distance sensors: analog, digital or ultrasonic. While these devices differ in the technology used, the sensor mechanisms are relatively similar.

How does such a sensor work? The principle of operation is extremely simple. At the beginning, the emitter sends a wave of a given frequency, and when this wave encounters an obstacle, it then returns and is picked up by the sensor. The time of the return of such a wave is very important, because the signal reaches the detector even when there is no detected object within the range of the sensor. This is because the wave can reflect off different surfaces and interfere with the reading. If the signal returns to the sensor in less than the specified time, it means that the measured object was within its range, and if the time is longer, we assume that the reflection took place from the wall or machine housing.

Advantages of ultrasonic distance sensors – the newest technology

Among the various types of sensors, the most modern ultrasonic sensors are worth mentioning. Although they are susceptible to interference, ultrasonic technology and distance sensors based on such sensors have a number of advantages.

First of all, resistance to dirt, and even the ability to self-clean as well as the fact that they are irreplaceable in difficult conditions – all of these factors make ultrasonic detectors quite innovative and durable. Ultrasonic distance sensors can work under almost any conditions and circumstances. It does not matter what the current weather conditions are. It does not matter if there is dense smoke, dust or sand in the air. While optical sensors would work worse in such conditions, ultrasonic sensors are not susceptible to such difficulties. Moreover, distance sensors based on ultrasonic technology can - if equipped with special housings - work even under water. Check out our range and choose the right sensor for your system. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help!