We offer great brand NXP microprocessors. This high performance system is equipped with logical Cortex (M3 or M4, depending on the model). Such devices are ideal in projects where the tasks require more processing power. This is an excellent base for an advanced robot or minikomputera. The microcontroller in this category normally to the corresponding printed circuit Board with appropriate findings, may be used as the calculation unit to conduct research or present a modular part for advanced robotic projects.

NXP - what do we offer?

We offer NXP microcontrollers manufactured in the SMD technology (SMD). We have devices in the housings 48 and 208 of the connector (LQFP48. and LQFP208.). Each of them is the smart chip that was equipped with a processor, i.e. the processor and the Cortex M3 or a more powerful Cortex M4. On Board there is also Flash memory (16 to 64 KB) and EEPROM (4 to 16 KB) and RAM (12 to 200 KB) - used to store the current data used by running programs. The microcontroller can also handle digital signals into analogue signals, and perform inverse operations. Inside, there are also counters odmierzające time (e.g. RTC clock) or the number of pulses. Available for user system I/o for the implementation of bilateral contact with the environment. The data are exchanged over interfaces such as RS, UART, SPI or I2C. The device is equipped with a stabilization system working (Watchdog), temperature sensors or analog Comparators that compare two analog signals.

Microcontroller NXP - for whom?

Microcontrollers from NXP can be used as a reliable the heart of Your electronic equipment. This device, which is able to provide greater computing power in relation to their small size and very low power consumption. Such devices can also be a great opportunity to study, PCB design and soldering of the components manufactured in the SMD technology. Both models with parameters indicating lower technical capabilities, as well as those that offer much more are the components that are used as house masters or students of robotics and professional electronics and electronic equipment manufacturers. On the basis of this type of microcontroller may be calculator player, mp4 player, game console or a powerful, intelligent robot walking.