Wires and power connectors

Wires and power connectors

We invite You to category cables and power connectors, we offer wide range of products of high quality at affordable prices. It offers selected accessories, connectors and cables, chosen for You from hundreds of other, specially for good shopping. Replace damaged plugs or sockets, connecting the lamp or replace the power cable is not difficult, you can order the necessary tools and accessories, and become a hero in your home.


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Products by page

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Anyway, we are building a lighting system, a sound or even a complex robot - the main issue is the food. Not including lights, or at least a mixer when not connected to the network and do not have power, so our store offers cables and power connectors, with which you will be able to cope in any crisis situation. We offer a variety of ends with many insights different lengths of cord, plug and socket for power electronic devices, and ankle and electrical connectors.

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In our outlets and batteries, we find the widely understood electrical current, that is, the orderly movement of electric charges. In the world of electrical engineering we meet with the concept of current, i.e. a value which describes the electric current is denoted by I. a Device used to measure current ammeter we can also use a multimeter that has the ability to measure many types of physical quantities. In our catalog you will find the wires and power connectors required to connect Your device to the network.

We repair, change, build

Online store Botland offers You a number of solutions that will help with repairs, exchanges or new projects. In our offer we have the DC socket, sockets, blocks, electric, adapters for connectors or JST connector. With us and our products, You are ready for any eventuality. In case of doubts or questions, our technical Department is at Your disposal. In the contact section You will find the e-mail address to us - we also offer a range of instructions and tutorials available for free on our website.