STM32 Discovery

Microcontrollers STM32 almost immediately after the release zawojowały the world of electronics and won niegasnące today – recognition among designers and developers of embedded systems. - High computing performance and a very rich equipment, in blocks, peripheral with attractive prices and a wide range of memory sizes and housings, making these processors will be happy to used in nearly all the segments of electronics, from smart toys and equipment, video equipment, electronics, medical and automobile drivers. In this category we have included a wide range of tiles inspection for STM32 – as the official STM32 Discovery kits, just like other tiles, and programmers from different manufacturers.

STM32 – performance and flexibility at an affordable price

Within a few years of continuous development, the STM32 family got some great product lines that differ in almost all parameters – the number and type of units, peripheral devices, kernel version, accessibility, including coprocessors series graphics cards and floating point, and memory sizes, and the type and number of contacts of the housing. Left there a few years already, but still willing to use processors with ARM Cortex-M3 core (which is based on the STM32F1 family, that is the progenitor of all subsequent series processors STM32), and modern STM32F7 (ARM Cortex-M7) or STM32MP1 (dual core, powerful processors for embedded systems and contains a Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M4). The ideal starting point to explore the processors of these families are STM32 Discovery boards.

STM32 Discovery, i.e. a quick start in the world of microcontrollers

The company STMicroelectronics years strongly supports its customers, providing both constantly evolving libraries and development tools, as well as very extensive documentation and a wide range of tools and equipment. To this latter group of products include tiles evaluation STM32 Discovery, allowing you to quickly see the capabilities of processors with ARM core. I will not hide that tile – due to a clever design, which provides complete configuration of all GPIOs and method of clocking kernel – perfect, and during rapid prototyping and development of embedded software without target printed circuit Board design device. The simplest STM32 Discovery modules include only the necessary peripherals (LEDs, buttons, connectors GPIO), and offer the greatest number of communication ports (including Ethernet or camera connectors, and LCD display) and high quality LCD touch screens and additional memory banks.

Offer pytek STM32 Discovery store Botland

In this category we collected the most beautiful tiles of the wide range of STMicroelectronics. Cheaper kits STM32 Discovery STM32F051 processor, STM32L100 whether the STM32F072 is perfect for making simple projects that use processors with ARM-Cortex-M3 if the ARM Cortex-M0. For medium size projects, you should consider using a more efficient processor family STM32F429 – in our assortment you will find a tile part no stm32f429i-DISC1 with a 2.4-inch display touch screen LCD. If you are planning a construction project, with expanded support for graphics or Internet connection, be sure to look in our store for sets with a processor STM32F746, or STM32F769.