STM32 Discovery

STM32 microcontrollers conquered the world of electronics almost immediately after their premiere. These devices immediately gained unwavering recognition among designers and developers of embedded systems. This is due to the fact that the designers of these microcontrollers managed to put a very high computing performance in one device and include numerous pieces of equipment. In individual models of STM32 microcontrollers there are peripheral blocks, various types of memory with the possibility of increasing and adjusting them, as well as housing. All this makes these microprocessors so willingly used in almost all segments of electronics. These products are chosen by both beginners and professionals in the field of programmable electronics. They are used in a wide range of applications, from smart toys and RTV / household appliances, to medical electronics and automotive controllers.

In this category we have included a wide range of evaluation boards for the STM32. You will learn and buy here both the official STM32 Discovery microprocessor sets, as well as many other boards and programmers from various manufacturers.

STM32 – efficient and expandable microprocessors at an affordable price 

During over a dozen years of uninterrupted development, the STM32 family has had several large product lines, differing in practically all parameters. These include the number and types of peripheral blocks, processor core versions, the availability of graphics coprocessors and floating point processors, as well as memory sizes, and the type and number of housing pins.

The products under the STM32 brand are so good that even the older models for instance – STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 (on which the STM32F1 family was based, i.e. the progenitor of all newer STM32 processors) - continue to enjoy unwavering popularity. Of course, the sensation is mainly due to the latest offers of this well-known manufacturer - for example STM32MP1 (dual-core, powerful processors for embedded systems and containing Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M4 cores). The STM32 Discovery boards are a great starting point for learning about these family of processors, as they offer plenty of possibilities. You can expand them almost freely. They are equipped with a lot of memory, thanks to which the work is ultra-fast. The undoubted advantage is that we get a very high-class PCB for really little money!

STM32 Discovery is a quick revolution in the world of microprocessors

STMicroelectronics has been supporting its recipients for many years, providing both constantly developed libraries and programming tools. Together with individual boards, users receive a very extensive documentation or a wide range of hardware tools. STM32 Discovery evaluation boards belong to the latter group of products.

STM32 Discovery is a set that allows you to quickly learn about the capabilities of ARM core processors. It cannot be denied that these boards, due to a well-thought-out design, allow you the complete configuration of all GPIO lines and the method of core clocking. Discovery microcontrollers are also perfect for rapid prototyping and firmware development without the use of the target PCB of the designed device. 

The simplest STM32 Discovery modules contain only the most necessary peripheral elements such as LEDs, buttons, GPIO connectors. The more advanced versions of the STM32 include a number of communication connectors (Ethernet, camera connectors), as well as high-quality LCD touch screens and additional memory banks. Along with offering the highest quality parameters at a reasonable price, the STM32 brand begins to enter the podium of the best microprocessor suppliers in the world (if it is not already there!).

Which STM32 boards can I choose?

In this category, we have collected the most attractive tiles from the wide range of STMicroelectronics. You will find here both the most popular STM32 microprocessors models and even the rarest, but still attractive ones.

Cheaper STM32 Discovery sets with STM32F051, STM32L100 or STM32F072 processors are perfect for preparing simpler projects, using processors with ARM Cortex-M3 or ARM Cortex-M0 cores. For medium-sized projects, it is worth considering the use of efficient processors from the STM32F429 family - in our offer you will find the STM32F429I-DISC1 board with a 2.4-inch LCD touch display.

It is worth knowing that if you plan to build a project with advanced graphics support or internet connectivity, be sure to check out the STM32F746 or STM32F769 processor kits available in our Botland store. STM32 / Arduino / Raspberry Pi – these are all one of the most popular products in our store. The individual components are compatible with each other in most cases! Enjoy your shopping in Botland!