STM32 32-bit microcontroller offers a significant opportunity for any robotics or electronics. This is a great alternative for the popular AVR chips. Great for a simple system that performs mathematical calculations and display the result on screen or to service the robot. Exquisite design company ARM has simple design and small size, and thanks to its technical parameters exceeds the corresponding device.

STM32 - what is it?

STM32 is a small microcontroller that can perform the role of the “heart” of the robot for a mobile, calculator or device, which are equipped with different types of sensors (light sensor, accelerometer, motion sensor, or sonar), and to respond to their signal. House master, elektronik whether the reporting accountant may build and then program it database logical system through which the rise of a clock or remote control for the TV. This is an excellent alternative to the more well-known and proven layouts ośmiobitowych.

What do we offer?

We offer different versions of the microprocessor, differ by parameters such as housing type, clock speed, amount of RAM, if the memory Flash. All of our products in this category are basing their action for the last kernel architecture ARMv7, called the Cortex. We offer versions with enclosure LQFP48 (48 pins - 12 on one side) and LQFP64 (64 pins). The designation " F1 " in the title reports that core type Cortex M3 - have watch with a frequency of up to 72 MHz. More information about the clock frequency contained in the next two signs - “00” means that the watch can offer up to 24-MHz clock; “01” means with a clock frequency of 72 MHz. Depending on the model Cortex has from 4 to 20 KB of RAM and 16 to 128 KB of Flash memory. Each of the models has the ability to communicate through the UART, I2C, SPI, ADC. During connection of the device, it should be remembered that the supply voltage should be between 2 to 3.6 V.

For whom STM32?

STM32 is an ideal microcontroller for the novice user in the field of digital electronics and experienced professionals engaged in professional electronics industry, and also for companies producing electronic equipment. The study of the operation of this equipment is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the tools and rules that are applied in electronics, digital (for example, the method of communication with PC through UART interface, SPI serial, I2C, timers, PWM outputs and many others). This is a great way to start your adventure with programming (particularly in C) and robotics. Portal FORBOT is a free course by which a person is just starting the adventure with electronics, learn how to use the device. It is enough to know the basics of C programming language (in the case that the person concerned does not know it has the ability to take the free course, which is also located on the portal FORBOT).