STM32 is known to many electronics and robotics. It is a microcontroller that is a very good alternative to AVR chips, which are currently very popular. STM32 is recommended for simple systems, which perform mathematical calculations and display the result on the screen. It will also work well in systems to operate the robot. The STM32 32-bit microcontroller is distinguished by its small size and simple design. At the same time it has been designed to meet the expectations and requirements of professionals and experienced electronics. Individual models of STM32 microcontrollers differ in terms of RAM memory, clock frequency and type of housing. We offer many types of STM32, which you will use in simple and more advanced projects. This is a good option to start your adventure with programming and robotics. At the same time it is a variant chosen by already experienced DIY enthusiasts. Check out our proposals STM32!

What is STM32? 

The small STM32 microcontroller plays a key role in many projects. It is suitable for use wherever devices or robots are equipped with various types of sensors. It is used to build and program logic systems, which are then used in many everyday devices, such as alarm clocks. Due to its versatility and very good working parameters, many versions have been created, which have different RAM and Flash memory, as well as clock frequency. The best choice will be STM32 based on the latest ARMv7 architecture cores called Cortex. Such models are available in our offer. Microcontrollers also differ in their casing. We offer among others STM32 with LQFP48 construction. It has as many as 48 leads, which are located 12 on each side. Even more, because as many as 64 leads offer LQFP64 casing. 

We also pay attention to the clock frequency. We are informed about it by the F1 marking, which is for us the information that the core has a clock with a frequency of up to 72 MHz. The next two 00 characters mean that the clock has a clock with a frequency of up to 24 MHz. If we see the designation 01, we realize that this is an option with a frequency of 72 MHz. 

RAM in Cortex models ranges from 4 to 20 kB, while in the case of Flash memory it is from 16 to 128 kB. They communicate via UART, SPI, I2C interface. They are also equipped with ADC converter. They are adapted to supply voltage from 2 to 3.6 V. 

Usage of STM32

STM32 microcontrollers are dedicated both for beginners in the field of electronics and robotics, as well as already experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in this field. They work very well in a home studio, but also in a large workshop providing professional services. STM32 helps to learn how digital electronics work and how to use the tools that are used in it. STM32 is also recommended for people who want to start the adventure with programming and robotics. This is a very good way to get to know the topic better, especially since there are many free tutorials and courses in this field available online. 

Why choose STM32? 

These are powerful microcontrollers, which makes them versatile and versatile. We can use them both while learning and later, when we construct advanced devices and robots. Moreover, we gain access to a very rich knowledge and courses, which we can use for free. STM32 microcontrollers come in many variants, which allows for a very precise adjustment to the individual design conditions. It is also worth mentioning their small size, lightness and very easy to use. All this makes the STM32 gain more and more followers. They are chosen as an alternative to proven eight-bit systems. Check our proposals STM32 and start your adventure with robotics or realize your next challenging project!