Screws and nuts

Basic mounting accessories used in many areas of our life. They are used to connect elements as well as to fix them to specific surfaces. Screws are threaded connecting parts. We can distinguish three types of connections using screws. The first one is a connection with a simple screw characterized by the clamping action of the nut in the head on the elements to be connected. The other connection is a fit connection, which is used for transverse forces. We can also make a clamping connection in which the nut is replaced by a notched thread. We can distinguish many types of screws, differing in the type and length of the thread and size, shape of the head and ending. Each of the screws has its purpose and scope of application. There are screws of microscopic sizes, as well as of impressive size used in industrial plants and large construction projects. Our offer includes screws designed for electronic devices projects, so they will usually be small assembly elements. 

Products by page

Products by page

Types of screws 

The most popular division of screws is the one that takes into account the shape of the head. Hexagonal head screws are most often used. They are used for joints that are exposed to high loads. They are characterized by very high resistance and solid joining of elements. Wherever adjustment of elements is necessary, thumb screws, otherwise known as wing screws, work best. In the furniture industry, countersunk screws are very popular, they are perfect for fixing hinges and screwing individual boards. There are also screws with an eyelet, which are used for fastening elements of relatively low weight. Furthermore, there are also triangular and rectangular, cylindrical, mushroom head screws and socket screws without a head. 

Screws can also have a thread on the entire length or only in a small area. Some have additional components, such as a nose. We can also distinguish between screws with a division into different socket types. The most common is the hexagonal socket, and you can often also find screws with a cross recess. 

Use of screws and nuts 

Screws are available in different sizes. The smallest ones are very good for repairing phones and laptops and other mobile devices. The screws available in our offer are also recommended for repairs of amplifiers. They will be useful for every project that requires combining individual elements. They ensure durability and solidity of fixing, which in turn translates into the life of the whole device. In our store you will find screws, nuts and washers in different variants. The sets are noteworthy, which are perfect for larger projects and large-scale productions. They are packed in practical organizers and boxes to keep order. Screws are also used for daily repair, service and assembly work. These are essential elements during repairs. They must not be missing in any workshop or studio. 

How to install electronics in a housing? 

When it comes to enclosed electronics, it is very important to correctly match the components to the materials used in the printed circuit board. They have the form of a laminate, which is made of glass fibre. It has copper tracks as well as other electronic elements. It is a flexible material, but it is also susceptible to damage in case of improper board assembly. As a result, serious defects occur, and sometimes even permanent, irreversible damage to the whole device. Therefore, when choosing screws, pay attention to their type and purpose. In our store you will find a wide range of sets of screws, which will prove themselves in the process of mounting the electronics in a housing. We also have unusual mounting elements, which are adapted to specific, also more demanding materials. Screws have different length, head diameter and height. They are available in sets with washers.