Screws and nuts

Nuts and bolts - Among the electronic devices present in every corner of the world we can see such microscopic quantities (which in principle requires enhanced yourself with a microscope and other special equipment), and such that its dimensions cover an area of a large shop. No matter how simple or advanced design electronic devices in the context of its use and the appropriate principles of operation, necessary to its correct installation, mechanical. Even one lost screw can stop You! Replenish their stocks in the store Botland.

Products by page

Products by page

Screws for computer, laptop, phone and more!

Are you looking for a dll missing mini-screws to the body of the phone or laptop, and maybe you want to repair an old amplifier in the smallest details? Our wide range of fasteners in various sizes, will help You to follow through on his task. If you made up your new device and you want to install them so that everything was in accordance with Your project, regardless of its complexity, you will find in our offer, a properly selected set of screws, washers and distancethat will allow You a ready build for Your device. Built more as a prototype, and maybe You will soon be limited production? This Is Great! Shop Botland we also offer sets of fasteners, Packed in a structured way in boxes and organizers, which further positive impact on the efficiency and make Your job easier, both during installation, and equipment repair. Don't let one lost the bolts for fixing ruined your project!

Screws - mounting the electronics in the housing

Printed circuit Board PCB forming the electronic devices have the form of a laminate of fibreglass with copper tracks and electronic elements. Fiberglass, made of a printed circuit Board, printed circuit, although an elastic material, as a result of improper tile installation or restriction of this process to the level of basic functionality the device may be subjected to mechanical damage, which may cause even permanent damage to the entire device. To prevent this, you need to choose the appropriate set of fasteners. The range of shops available Botland screws, spacers, screws for computer and notebook, nuts, washers, and other unusual mounting elements made of plastic and metal.