• Computer accessories Computer accessories

    A peripheral device required to service each machine.

  • Car accessories Car accessories

    Chargers, power supplies, adapters, cables, video recorders and other electronic gadgets, useful while travelling by car.

  • Cooling Cooling

    The fans and the radiator, providing cooling as systems, electronic and computers, like people in hot weather.

  • Sensors Sensors

    Sensors  are the main equipment of each system that appears due minicomputers such as  Raspberry or Arduino . Regardless of whether they want to create for you simple to use a weather station or a complex system of access in the office, the use of such elements is inevitable.

  • LEDs LEDs

    LEDs are small but the basic equipment of any electronic item. Shop Botland however, you can find a much greater number of different elements that will be useful in the closet for any DIY enthusiast!

  • 3D printing 3D printing

    Technology every year offer us increasingly interesting opportunities, completely changing our outlook and offering an experience that few years ago it would have been a dream. 3D printing only what we could see on the screens in movies and on television, and everyone can...

  • Sound and acoustics Sound and acoustics

    Speakers, microphones, buzzery to connect with any microcontroller and minikomputerem, for example, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

  • Assembly elements Assembly elements

    Housings for integrated circuits, heat shrink tubing, clamps and other fasteners, required in the electronics workshop.

  • Passive elements Passive elements

    Capacitors, resistors, potentiometers and other passive electronic components.

  • Intelligent clothes Intelligent clothes

    Materials and drivers for garments that are managed by the microcontroller.

  • Cameras and recorders Cameras and recorders

    Device for recording images with the ability to connect with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

  • Memory cards and discs Memory cards and discs

    Popular media in the form of microSD / SD cards, portable hard drives, USB complete with accessories.

  • Communication Communication
  • Converters Converters

    Electronics provides users with awesome features that will help, in particular, the functionality of the projects. Wanting to enjoy the safety and system performance, you should use parts of the highest quality. In this category you will find converters , which serve for...

  • Electronics courses Electronics courses
  • Magnets Magnets
  • Microcontrollers Microcontrollers

    The task of components such as microcontrollers is, among others, to control devices and smart electronic systems. Construction of microcontrollers is based on an integrated circuit which uses a processor, RAM memory, Flash memory, outputs, inputs and counters. The enormous...

  • Lighting Lighting

    Lamps and light bulbs in LED technology, which provides low power consumption with high brightness.

  • Breadboards Breadboards

    Learning how to construct circuit boards, program applications for minicomputers or soldering small parts can be extremely difficult and tedious. It is worth using prototype boards , which support both beginners and advanced enthusiasts of computerization, automation or...

  • Programmers Programmers
  • Cables Cables
  • Relays Relays

    In the sector of mechanics, automation and computer application, relay, play a huge role. Without them, most of the systems would not be able to work correctly, so willingly and often used them for designers looking for innovative projects. If you want to get the best...

  • Buttons and switches Buttons and switches
  • Voltage regulators Voltage regulators

    Ensure your equipment is of the highest quality, using the best components that offer perfect workmanship and materials that meet the highest demands. Botland is a guarantee of satisfaction and a wide selection of assortment - we have voltage regulators for all applications.

  • Others Others
  • Drivers for motors and servos Drivers for motors and servos

    Modules to control DC motors, motors krokowymi and serwomechanizmami.

  • Integrated circuits Integrated circuits

    Each project requires the use of systems and modules tailored to individual user requirements. The IP suggest the possibility of automation of houses and apartments, making detailed and accurate measurements, and even the safety of residents. We invite you to see the range...

  • Displays and screens Displays and screens

    Choose only the best equipment that will provide you pleasure and satisfaction during work. LCD displays are currently the most popular solution, which is preferably selectable via demanding customers.

  • Tablets and smartphones Tablets and smartphones
  • Smart Watches Smart Watches

    When technology goes forward and offers all the great functionality, it is always worth it to use the maximum of its capabilities. A great example are, for example, a smartwatch , which initially focused only for athletes, and today is almost the main rooms, the majority of...

  • Connectors Connectors

    Connectors that is most often the ends of the wires are designed for creating electrical connections. Most popular: pin header, the so-called goldpin, USB, BLS, and installation. These and many other you will find in our store.

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