Genibot educational robots

Genibot is a small, intelligent robot education, allowing an interesting way to introduce children to the world of science. The robot after issuing the relevant commands can play a rhythm, add and subtract, draw shapes and move the line. In this category you will find robots along with accessories designed to make learning more effective.

Preschool children and wczesnoszkolnym have very absorbent minds, but they are still not interested in traditional science. To encourage them to analyze new technologies, we need to turn learning into a game. The world has created many courses programming for children, both in the form of mobile applications like robots and institutions. The second of these options has the additional benefit of even greater impact on a child's imagination, as involved – in addition to the senses of sight and hearing is also the sense of touch. During programming of the robot educational child sees that the team translate into real behavior toys. One of the most interesting solutions to explore programming for children Genibot designed for the youngest, from the fourth year of life.

The little robot of many talents

Genibot closed housing in the form of a small cube. And although, unlike some electronic toys, this robot education has no eyes, and other parts of the face, it instantly comes to life thanks to the commands issued by the user. Working with the device Genibot allows the realization of many interesting missions. Programming can be done via the mobile app or... in offline mode, thanks to a set of cards. Robot educational reads those on the characters, and then performs in sequence, the commands they contain. In the case of mobile apps and learning programming uses unusually transparent graphical environment. The user has the includes virtual cards, which puts, creating, thus, the entire "code" for playing robot Genibot.

What can Genibot?

One of the basic skills work of education is moving in accordance with the specified direction. Genibot can rotate on the spot, but if managed through more subtle mobile application, rotate to a specific angle. In addition, the robot can be programmed in such a way as to follow the drawn line (like a normal line follower), podświetlał bar at the top of the hull in a certain color, or gave up the specified sequence sounds using the built-in speaker). Robot educational Genibot also supports children in the study account indicating the result of addition and subtraction or moving, performing a route at a certain distance. Very interesting effect you can get when you combine several similar robots for children "team" that collaborates with him and performed together certain commands. Collaboration between multiple devices is possible thanks to the Bluetooth module.

Interesting additions to the robot Genibot

Robot kit educational supply kit that includes many accessories uatrakcyjniających fun. In addition to almost a hundred cards to program the robot offline, the user receives the head of LEGO bricks, thanks to which it can build for the device Genibot your own design. There is also, paper plates, and a holder for the marker, to facilitate the cost of the robot drawing and part spychacza through which Genibot can move objects in his path, or... play along with other robots in soccer games. An important element of the design of the robot education is also a bracket on optional modules through which you can easily enrich the device, e.g., LED display or a proximity sensor. In our store you will find also – available separately – educational rugs for encoding, intended for use in school and preschool, as well as disks with commands intended for the styling of "code" on the mats.