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Thermometers, analog and digital.


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Products by page

Products by page

Use the temperature sensors in all projects

The temperature sensor can be used as a collateral, as an informant about the current situation. If you create, for example, such constructions as the weather station or effective ventilation with conditioning properties, this temperature sensor is the main equipment. In other categories we also have motion sensors, light and gas. Because of this you will have a huge impact for positive change in the security of each facility.

We have industrial sensors with a very wide range (from -270 to 1372 degrees Celsius). Thanks to this, the operation of complex technological machines is safe, and the staff can constantly monitor the parameters responsible for the correctness of production or activity. In this category you can find small and simple in construction, sensors, modules, offering handling and even powerful systems that measure temperature, humidity and pressure. They are compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other minikomputerami high computing power. Due to this, fans of robotics, automation and computerization have unlimited possibilities.

Put only proven solutions

Every person needs to have confidence that the tools and parts ensure the best quality, smooth operation, accurate measurement and long-term reliability. We, for our part, we want to provide the best solutions that were made using the well-known and respected manufacturers of sensors, modules and electronic systems. We provide products to companies such as Adafruit, Analog Devices, Benetech, Blow, Dallas, DFRobot, Eura-tech, Farnell, Flir, Green, Blue, iNode, Inveo, Kemot, Melexis Technologies NV, National Semiconductor and many others!

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