Temperature sensors

Temperature measurement is an elementary activity while monitoring the operation of a device or a robot. Measuring temperature is necessary in many processes, including production ones, which is why specialized sensors for measuring temperature are in demand on the production equipment market. In addition, temperature sensors - in less advanced, but very practical versions - are also important devices in our homes, because they greatly affect our perceptible comfort in a given room. Without a temperature sensor, you cannot create many interesting Internet of Things projects. If you are looking for a solution that will allow you to build your own air heating / cooling system, it goes without saying that you need to equip yourself with a temperature sensor!


  • Analog temperature sensors Analog temperature sensors

    Analog temperature sensors allow you to easily implement the temperature measurement function for our project. Sensor output is analog, the size of the plate is proportional to the measured value. The temperature rise will make it so that the sensor output appears, for...

  • Digital temperature sensors Digital temperature sensors

    Digital temperature sensors allow to perform more complex measurements and work with the already obtained measurements may be easier than in the case of analog counterparts. The output signal of the digital sensors is transmitted as a string of bits, and their interpretation...

  • High precision temperature sensors High precision temperature sensors

    Category dedicated to temperature sensors are designed to perform very accurate measurements of temperature. Tolerance in the case of these sensors, in ±0 .5 °C , making them the best choice if you care about the most accurate measurement.

  • Multifunctional sensors Multifunctional sensors

    The sensors are multifunctional, in addition to performing tasks that we might require from the temperature sensor, allow us additional measurements of other factors such as pressure and humidity. This allows you to specify multiple values using only one device.

  • Waterproof probes Waterproof probes

    Through the use of probe waterproof we check the temperature of the liquid bezobaw damage to the sensor or system. The probes have a long wire outputs, allows you to keep a safe distance between our project and a liquid, the temperature of which at present we want to determine.

  • Thermistors Thermistors

    A thermistor is type of resistor whose resistance largely independent of temperature. Thermistors can be divided into three types NTC, PTC, CTR.

  • Temperature sensors with display Temperature sensors with display

    In this category you will find the temperature sensors feature an additional digital display. The display delivers quick and easy temperature readings determined by the sensor.

  • Sensors pirometryczne high temperature Sensors pirometryczne high temperature

    Sensors pirometryczne high temperatures are used wherever measurement of the form would be inconvenient or dangerous. Analysis of infrared radiation transmitted through the body allows us to consider its temperature with high accuracy. This gives the sensor pirometryczne high...

  • Accessories for temperature sensors Accessories for temperature sensors

    In the category “Accessories for temperature sensors” you will find the right accessories for temperature sensors, which are often used in particularly unfavourable conditions, for electronics. One of the main types of products that we offer are protective for temperature...


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Products by page

Products by page

In this category of the Botland store you will find various types of temperature sensors. Devices differ in the number of functions and design they have. However, all of them are made of the highest quality materials and are compatible with the latest minicomputers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi). Temperature sensors are able to measure temperatures from -270 to even 1800 degrees Celsius. As you can see, this type of probes can cope with even the most difficult conditions. We invite every electronics and not only to shop in our Botland store.

Thermal comfort for everyone

Temperature sensors available in our store allow you to measure the temperature with very high accuracy. Most of the devices are designed for indoor use (check out our other categories though - we also offer professional outdoor weather stations!). The accuracy of the temperature measurement depends on the specific device, but it is usually an accuracy of 0.1℃.

The temperature sensors presented here will be suitable for anyone who needs a good module for creating DIY projects or robots. Thanks to good accuracy and professional, reliable measurement, we can precisely determine the temperature in the room. This in turn will enable us to then control this temperature and achieve what is known as thermal comfort. According to the definition, thermal comfort is a state in which we do not feel either cold or hot. Our body is in a balanced heat balance.

Heat measurement of fluids and engine with a temperature sensor

From the beginning of the functioning of car mechanics, engineers have tried to remove heat from the cabin in the best possible way. Car components such as radiator and air conditioning system are common devices that are being used in order to manage temperature. These are also places where we can find temperature sensors. Wherever the temperature is controlled, there are also temperature sensors - devices that precisely determine how many degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit are currently in the car or other place.

Temperature sensors are used to measure and provide the most accurate result. In our store you will find a diverse range of probes and sensors. Many of them resemble those devices that are installed in cars. In the past, when cooling systems were filled with water, the correct temperatures were in the range of 80-90 degrees Celsius. Nowadays, modern antifreeze liquids have a boiling point of about 120 degrees, which is why accurate measurement is so important. The key here will be the right temperature sensor that will work in a specific environment with the intended accuracy. If you are building your own project of this type, you must also have a temperature sensor!

What is temperature? How to use temperature measurement for IoT projects?

What is temperature and how to measure it exactly? It seems like an extremely simple question, but how to answer it in an original way? Well, with our products like temperature sensors you will find many answers because you can use devices for many purposes. These products are sometimes equipped with additional sensors, e.g. humidity or pressure, so you will always be able to accurately measure the basic physical quantity, i.e. temperature. You will not be surprised by any unknown data or sudden boiling of the coolant. You will know the exact thermal condition of a given system or room on an ongoing basis. Of course, these devices can be used to build your own air conditioning, heating and intelligent control of roller shutters or a fireplace at home. There are many possibilities!

Choose the right temperature module for your project. If in doubt, contact us - we will help you choose the best product!