Ohbot - educational robots

Robots are developing Ohbot, a British company that is compatible with the Windows operating system and minikomputerem Raspberry Pi. Programming is done using the graphical language Scratch, and Python scripts. Robots are developing Ohbot and Picoh allow us to understand the question of artificial intelligence, and to develop programming skills.

Ohbot - learning through play

Ohbot is a British brand of robots educational institutions, which are intended for use in the study of electronics, robotics and programming for children and adolescents over the seven year life. Robots are also excellent and during the sessions relating to artificial intelligence and modern technology. The device is compatible with the Windows operating system as well as with minikomputerami Raspberry Pi, so you can easily include them in the training program. Robots can be programmed by the graphical method using the Scratch environment, or by using the Python language. In this category you will find robots Ohbot series Picoh available in different colors.

How did mark Ohbot?

Ohbot is a brand, created by two enthusiasts - robotics Mat Walker and teacher Dana Last. They wanted to create a simple to use, practical and simultaneously attractive to children the decision to study the basics of electronics and programming. The first works began in 2014, and its final form Ohboty reached three years later. Currently work is performed in Holliday's Mill in Gloucestershire in the UK. Thanks to intuitive operation and a huge device capabilities from this and other series that the brand quickly gained popularity and recognition in schools in the British Isles, as well as in many other countries.

Robots are developing Ohbot

Robots are developing Ohbot brand was created to be interested in robotics, electronics and programming to children in the first years of primary school. Resembling a human face forms evoke a lot of sympathy and facilitate the establishment of relationships with the robot, which has a positive impact on the experience and motivation of students while working with the device. Moreover, robots Ohbot and Picoh equipped with a range of sensors and systems that allow you to receive signals from the environment and react to stimuli.

What suggestions you will find in this category?

In our assortment you will find, among other things, robots, developing Ohbot Picoh. The toy has a face resembling the human, which you can see the emotions and feelings of the robot. The head is equipped with a display unit provides the eyes and three serwomechanizmy that allows the robots head movement and jaw. Picoh small size makes it very convenient to use during lectures or seminars. The device was developed so that they would grow up together with the level of their programming. So children can use their coding skills in order to learn Picoh speak different languages, to see changes in the weather, sporting events or sing. The device can be programmed in the program Scratch with Windows 7, 8, or 10, or using Python on the Raspberry Pi, Windows or Mac.

Why choose work Ohbot?

Robots developing Picoh from Ohbot is a great offer for parents and teachers who wish to encourage their children to explore electronics and programming, as well as to provide them with suitable tools for this. These devices are extremely compact and intuitive to use, making them ideal for group classes and individual.