Laser cutting machine

The device that enables cutting or engraving on various materials, particularly in wood, leather, plastic, aluminum. In our range you will also find multifunctional devices to print on 3D technology, cutting with the use of the module with the CNC or laser.

Laser cutting machine

Laser cutters are devices leading the same popularity as 3D printer. Increasingly, electronics manufacturers produce equipment that combines both functions. This is because it is required for both devices the system will move the working tool (applicant guide filament or a laser beam) is the same. A laser cutter is a tool that is able to accurately and efficiently cut out certain shapes and patterns. Such equipment usually used in factories for industrial use, but increasingly finds its place also in ordinary homes. Well-designed cutters are able to work on many kinds of materials, such as wood or metal.

What we offer in this category?

In our offer you will find, among others, high quality desktop laser cutters that will be able to detect the type of material for processing, and then based on these data to choose the parameters of the radius from lesera. It is very important that during trimming of the device used beam, which simultaneously will be able to record fragments of material, but was created around the place subjected to treatment, the high temperature will not adversely affect the surface of the material. For example, using the same power light beam for cutting metal and plastic lead to distorted nieestetycznymi plastic surface.

Desktop laser cutter

One of our products is the laser cutter, which adjusts the parameters of the laser beam power, speed and height. The product is called Makeblock Laserbox Pro and can cut and engrave materials such as paper, paper, corrugated, wood, acrylic, canvas, denim, leather, bases, slabs, tiles, ABS, PET, rubber, veneer, veneer, cork, sandpaper, food, fiberglass, plastics, and many others. The device is equipped with a variety of intelligent systems that work, by the way, thanks to the integrated high quality camera. The drill is able to recognize drawings, hand-drawn and then cut them out or labeling the contours. In simple way you can cut or engrave shape, the proposed device, or use your own files. Equipment reports on the current status of the job, prevents you from overheating (protects equipment from samouszkodzeniem), regulates the speed of the canister purge depending on the speed of their release, and in the case of opening the lid, the machine immediately stops operating. The drill also has a number of certificates testifying to the high degree of security. It is worth to note that the model is suitable for working with children - among other things, it includes 15 specially prepared lessons that can be spent in school or at home.

Mori along with a 3D printer

The system will move the tool used in 3D printers (in all directions in the plane and also up and down) can also be used to operate the laser cutter. That is why it often happens that manufacturers of such devices to combine in one device the properties of both tools. A perfect example is the 3D printer Dobot Mooz 2 Plus - metal structure, you can alternately install tool for 3D printing, the module is a precision instrument, CNC and laser engraver module with a capacity of 1.6 watts.