Wire bearing

Wire, bearing, made of an alloy of iron, chromium and aluminum. Resistant to high temperatures, so are often used as elements of electrical heating elements or resistance welding.

Wire bearing

Wire, bearing is made of materials, resistant to high temperatures. This so-called materials, resistors, characterized by a high degree of stability is correct, which varies with growth of the quantity of heat in the room. For materials of the support include, first of all metals: alloys of iron, copper, Nickel, chromium and aluminum, but other materials (e.g., ceramic sylt). Such properties allow the use of wires made of materials, chains, in many cases, among other things, as heating elements or part of the resistors. Most popular in electronics, wire, bearing is made of kantalu (iron-chromium alloy with addition of Nickel and cobalt) have thermal stability, reaching 1400°C, making is well suited, for example, as an element of heaters in the electronic cigarettes or cutting devices using high temperature and also in many other applications.

The use of supporting wires

Most of the wire resistors are used as heating elements in heaters in devices using high temperature furnaces, generators, czajnikach, dishwashers, electric. cigarettes or washing cars. The resistive wire is often found also in equipment for thermal cutting and welding, for example, in wycinarkach for fabric or foam. Extremely commonly used method is also the use of wire as a support element resistors – due to the high cost of the right of resistance, and a small change in resistance with increasing temperature is possible in the case of resistors with a very effective action. Other possible application of the wire, metal is a so-called thermocouple, i.e., the thermoelectric units which are mainly used as temperature sensors.

How to choose the right wire resistive?

Depending on applications, the wire metal may have different properties. You should pay attention to the minimum and maximum operating temperature melting point and the material of the product (among models designed for use in electronics, the most common is kantal is an alloy of iron and chromium is enriched by the addition of Nickel and cobalt). A very important factor is the value of AWG (for American Wire Gauge), i.e. normalized wire diameter, which is a characteristic warunkującą maximum value of the current passing through the wire. In addition to AWG wire diameter is also indicated in millimeters. When buying it would be good to pay attention to the length of the wire metal, which will allow you to select the best option for the price. However, the most important feature wire metal is its resistance value. It is served in ohms per meter length.

Which wires bearing you will find in this section?

In this category we offer a wide selection of wire staples Kanthal A1. Products are available in various lengths (from 9.1 m to 30.5 m) and diameter (from 0.16 mm to 0.81 mm). The resistance value of the wires of the circuit, which you will find in this section is of 2.85? up to 56? per meter of length. All versions are wound on a small coil, so that their use and storage very convenient. We invite you to see the entire range of the support wires available on our website, as well as with other products you'll find in the other categories Botland.